Happy 2013, can I get a resolution? ;-)

Hello loved ones! Are you so shocked right now? Can this be, a new post, from the Grahams??? Yes, yes it is. This blog has definitely been neglected the last few months. For a number a reasons. I think the biggest is I have been completely distracted. I certainly could make time to write but I haven’t. But it IS the new year right? What better time to get back into blogging.

The Lord has definitely been at work on my heart. In the last few months he has shown me his love, grace, how blessed and fortunate I am, areas I need to work on, sin that needs to be addressed and conquered, ideas and directions for where our family needs to be spiritually, on and on. (this is what happens when you don’t write for awhile, you realize you have quite a lot to write about 🙂 )

But with it being the new year and all the resolutions that are probably taking place I’m going to share this all encompassing “thing” that is on my heart. This morning our pastor preached on simplifying our lives and I couldn’t agree with him more. I have to admit I am really not the kind of person that “go’s” a whole lot. I LIKE being home. (Maybe even to a fault) But in all honesty I think our family functions better and is happier when we’re home. I notice a distinct difference in our family when we have had a particular busy week. We’re short with each other, probably from lack of naps and quality sleep through the night, over stimulated, unhealthy eating habits, and so on. To some extent kids should be able to adapt to changes in schedules and environment, sure, but when we as parents drag them to one event after another and then wonder why their behavior is deteriorating, we need to take responsibility for that. One day Jason and I will stand before God and be held accountable for our actions, including the ones we take as parents.   

Jason and I have a number of goals that we want to begin working towards. Maybe I can break these goals down in separate blogs. But for now, there is one thing that was affirmed in my heart through todays message and it’s this:


In todays world, where life seems to be defined by what event you are going to do next, I just don’t think you can strive to stay home too much. I know for our family, when we are busy going places, we have little to no time for our Lord and Savior, we have less quality time with each other, we spend more money on things that hold no eternal value, and recently I’ve learned that being busy keeps us from being available to what God wants to do with us. And isn’t that why we are here? To be used by Him, to do His will? 

Ephesians 2:10 For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

So often I forget that I am not here for ME. I am here because God created me to glorify him.

Its another year and once again I’m looking at our life, our family, our circumstances and I want more for us. But not more stuff. Not more vacations. Not more money. I want more Jesus. One of my favorite songs, Jeremy Camp sings a version I just love, is “Give me Jesus”. I want my husband to know and feel loved more often. I want Jason to see that the growing love I have for him is from my growing love for Christ. I want our children to see that our joy comes from the Lord, no matter what our earthly circumstances are. I want us to be filling our hearts and minds with eternal things and I want our friends to experience the overflow of our spiritual growth. I want us to give more. Whether it’s our money, time, or resources, I want us to grow in generosity. I want us to be available for more kingdom work.  And I really believe all this can be better accomplished by loosening up our schedule and staying home more. 

I picture us staying and it enabling us to spend time with God daily, in his Word and through prayer. Not distracted by what we’re going to do next. If we don’t go anywhere inevitably we will spend less, so, we can give more. Having a free schedule gives us the time and ability to invest in people and graciously host loved ones or strangers. And one of the most important investments we can make is in our children. Again with eternal and lasting “deposits” like taking the time to read, teach, and play.

I may have already been an advocate of “staying home” before this post but that doesn’t mean I was being intentional with every moment I had at home.

So I am praying and striving to focus on the things God wants me to invest my energy in, in my home.

Romans 11:36 For everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory. All glory to him forever! Amen.



2 thoughts on “Happy 2013, can I get a resolution? ;-)

  1. So nice to see another blog from you 🙂 And you certainly made this one count. We are very focused on living more simply this year as well. Thank you for the reminder that when we do stay home (which we already do a lot of) that we need to be intentional with the time spent here (certainly something we need to work on!). Your blog posts are always a blessing to me. May the Lord move in your family in a beautiful way this year!

  2. So true, Kate, especially at this season of your life with small children. God provided such a rhythm and order to life and it’s difficult to maintain that if we constantly, go,go,go! Plus, look at Deuteronomy 6: 4-9 (one of your personal favorites). There is such a “unhurried” pace evident in those instructions. It takes time and intentionality to teach your children.
    Love you!

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