Ryann turns 4

Why do I feel like I am writing these birthday posts WAY to frequently. It only feels like a few months ago I wrote to you for your 3rd birthday.

Today Ryann you are 4 years old. Still my baby, you ALL are my babies. But you are growing fast and mommy doesn’t much like it. A lot has happened this year. I’d say your biggest milestone was learning how to swim. One day in June you just decided all on your own “I want to swim with no floaties.” And swim you did. So now mommy has 2 big swimmer girls. Every milestone is bittersweet for me.

This was a special year for you and me. We got to spend a lot more time just the two of us while Micaila was in pre-k. With you being my 2nd baby we have never really had our special time together. How cool that we had that before “the baby boy” came. 🙂

Since mommy was pregnant through out your 3rd year a lot of our life revolved around that. It has been so fun going on this journey of having another baby with my girls. Y’all have definitely made it interesting. You didn’t ask quite as many questions as your big sis. Your main concern was “When is the baby going to be here?” You did, however, love to rub and kiss and love on my belly, a lot. You loved telling me how much you loved “the baby boy”. And now that Caleb is here you have proved to be a great big sister. You especially enjoy holding and feeding him. You are finally calling him by name after weeks of calling him “the baby boy”. It’s going to be such a treat watching you grow up with your brother and sister.

You are growing fast, no doubt, but who you are is much the same. You don’t mess up quite as many words and phrases but you are hanging on to some and that’s fine by me. A few of our favorite Ryannism’s are aminals (animals), rinoculars (binoculars), hanitizer (hand sanitizer) stinky stunk (skunk, however in all honesty stunk actually makes sense to me!) toilet picture (not sure how we confused toilet paper with that one). You still enjoy going to places like Chick-fil-a, Chuck E. Cheese, and of course the pool. Your Aunt Karen has taken you to the Zoo and Florida Aquarium a time or two and you really love that. Your favorite foods include cinnamon raisin english muffins (still), pancakes, eggs, tomatoes (you LOVE tomatoes) and strawberries. You really like activia vanilla yogurt too. You are very good at playing by yourself. I just love listening to you talk and sing with your “aminals” and baby dolls. I don’t think I have ever documented how clumsy you are. I’ll do that now. Girl, you have 2 left feet. You have fallen down the stairs a handful of times, giving mommy a near heart attack. You always have at least 4 bruises on those cute little legs and a scrape or 2 elsewhere. I hate it, but at the same time, your clumsiness says a lot about your zest for life. You get excited about everything so you must run (and then fall) to whatever it is that has you excited. Despite this clumsiness you are a very fast runner. Maybe you’ll make it to the Olympics…. (and then be that girl that falls, hehe, just kidding…) And let’s not forget, you still, will fall asleep anywhere. You are my sweet girl, maybe a little whinier on occasion, but hey, no one’s perfect. You are fun loving, silly, and sensitive by nature, and I can’t wait to see how God uses those qualities through out your life. I pray you will see how fulfilling it is to partner with the Lord in His work.

You are a gift, a precious treasure, to your daddy and to me. We love you so very much. Happy 4th Birthday Ryann Elizabeth.


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