Returning home

Over the last 9 days me, the girls, and baby boy have been visiting family and friends in Florida. I’ll be honest, I feel pretty awesome having made the trip with all 3 by myself. This is like a HUGE accomplishment in mom world. The drive down took us 9 and a half hours. This is normally a 7 hour drive for us when we have daddy. We did encounter some traffic delays and of course it was a learning experience juggling all 3 children, timing the potty breaks, feedings, and gas fill ups. The way back we cut our time by an hour and a half. We managed to stop once and do all we needed to do. Girls were very helpful to me and I just am proud of them and myself for managing this long trek.

Okay enough bragging. πŸ™‚ Ahh home…… I have two homes. Florida, the home where I get to be surrounded by my family and dearest friends. I enjoy my trips back to this home. It’s always enlightening. I feel like every trip to FL God reveals new things to me or reminds me of things I may have forgotten. I love the time with my family, especially mine and Jason’s parents. I had such good talks with my mom, dad, and Jason’s mommy Linda. What good honest relationships we all have. Even in the midst of conflict (however major or minor it may be) I love my family and I’m learning to appreciate conflict. Good thing to keep in mind is to view conflict as opportunity to be open and honest with people. An opportunity to love them and look beyond our imperfections as humans. This is how relationships should work when functioning properly. This is when it is just so good. We have few close friends in Georgia so I seldom have conflict with anyone. It’s nice, yes. But there is something very rewarding about overcoming conflict and being downright honest with the ones we love. Just a little eye opener/reminder I had this past week.

This trip was quite busy. My purpose in coming down was so that I could throw my best friend Kaitlyn a baby shower. Yes, after having Caleb I thought to myself “Can I really pull this off?!” But I had help from many different people, Linda and Karen (Jason’s mom and sis) Caila and Ashley, (some sweet friends) and even Kaitlyn contributed some food. (I hope I didn’t leave anyone out) I am grateful for the joint effort and it was a lovely shower if I do say so. So excited for Kaitlyn and her hubby. Can not WAIT to meet that beautiful baby.

I also did not anticipate how difficult it would be to visit people. Silly me. I thought the hardest part was going to be driving down. Ha. After the first few days of dragging my children around and nursing on the go, Caleb made it very clear to me that we needed to STAY PUT. He didn’t so much care where he just was sick of GOING. There is a part of me that wants to please and accommodate everyone and feels guilty saying “no” or suggesting an alternative. I HAD to put my little guy first though. Not to mention it’s not like he’s sleeping through the night and we’re all fine and dandy on 8 hours of sleep everyday. Good golly he’s one month old! Why I thought I could fly around town no problemo is beyond me. So stay put we did. In my parents cute little condo. Yeah the girls watched too much tv (not much to do in 1000 sq. ft.) and no I didn’t get to visit with friends as much as I liked to, but it was just what we had to do. It made for a much happier baby and mommy in the end. Fact is I am NOT super mom, (what? are you sure?) as much as I’d like to be. πŸ™‚

Ahh home….. my Georgia home. Where my handsome hubby anxiously awaited us. It’s GOOD to be back. I missed Jason. I missed my house and everything in it. It’s nice to be here and relax with my baby and nurse with no cover! haha! I mean seriously, these are the things I appreciate these days. And going back to Florida is always a bitter-sweet reminder that we are supposed to be HERE. The Lord has already been revealing to us many reasons for why he brought us to Georgia, but we’re confident that he hasn’t revealed it all. I love coming back to our home here to wonder and embrace what all the Lord has in store for us.


One thought on “Returning home

  1. Home truly is where the heart is and the heart should be where the Lord has led you and the husband!
    I love the way God uses contrasts in life! Work and leisure, activity & rest, joy & sorrow, being away & coming home! The contrast provides satisfaction, appreciation & variety.
    Even in relationships, the conflict makes us appreciate harmony, if we are committed enough to see it through!
    Thanks, Kate! We loved having you here and happy to see you go….lol, knowing you are in the right place with your husband & children!

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