A glimpse into our new normal

Pretty much gonna have to bear with me on the postings. Just to give you an idea of what it takes to write something, it’s now 1:00 pm. I think I opened my computer around 10:30am. In the course of that time Caleb needed his diaper changed which turned into (as it sometimes does) quite the fiasco. People warned me about little boys and their little parts…. it still surprises me EVERY TIME. I go to change him, get him all cleaned up and like a fire hose he very efficiently begins to spray us all. He soaks the floor, his outfit, basically anything within 2 feet of him. (Boys got range!)  Of course me and the girls are all laughing. (you have to keep your sense of humor!) I go to change his outfit and make sure he’s wiped down good, for crying out loud son I just gave you a bath last night. 😉 I get him in a diaper and a new onesie which he proceeds to spit up on. Then Ryann says “Mommy what’s on your pants??”……. “Well Ryann it would appear your brother pooped on me at some point with out my knowing.” Yup.

So now that Caleb is clean and dressed, which took all of 25 minutes at the very least, I have to go get myself changed. And look at the time, Caleb is ready to nurse again. As I’m nursing him I start to feel a head ache coming on and it dawns on me, I hadn’t gotten to make my coffee yet. Caffeine withdrawals, aahhh! I just can not afford to have a pounding lack of caffeine kind of head ache. Worse kind ever! So I finish nursing the dear boy, sweet, you went potty, again, change another diaper, and finally at almost noon make it to my espresso machine. Mean while the girls want to be fed AGAIN, (lol) because I mean who eats that often?? “You had breakfast, you mean you want lunch too?” 😉 Finally I get my coffee and feed my sweet daughters, (who are really doing a great job hangin in there while mommy masters 3) meanwhile Caleb didn’t get his fill and wants to nurse yet again.

And all this happened within 3 hours.

Obviously we are still adjusting. And I tell you this because well its real life and I kind of find it humorous. AND I wouldn’t change one single minute or scenario that makes up my day. In fact, I’m enjoying it ALL. The multiple diaper changes, feedings, sleepless nights, and everything in between.

(changes diaper)

Is that odd? I don’t think so. Just as our Heavenly Father delights in us, we take delight in our own children. Just as He loves us so unconditionally we love our children in this way. Of course His love is perfect and ours could certainly use perfecting. But this is one thing I love about being a parent. You really begin to understand His love.

(time to feed!)

Loving your own child is so different from any love you experience on earth. Even the love you have for your spouse is different. Not that we love them less but it’s just different. I am so grateful for this glimpse of how much Jesus loves me. It’s a wonderful reminder that keeps me focused on what really matters in life. Oh how I could go on with this subject…. it will have to wait though for another blog.

I’ll end with lyrics from one of my new favorite songs. It just happens to be playing in the background. Anthem Lights: Can’t Get Over You


“I can’t get over the way, your love stays the same Oh Lord.”   

By the way…….. 2:00pm


3 thoughts on “A glimpse into our new normal

  1. Oh, Katie…it is so good to hear about your new norm! It is even better to hear your delight and contentedness in the midst of it! Sometimes the multitude of menial tasks that comprise motherhood can hide the importance, joy and high calling that is ours! So on the future days when changings & feedings are tedious, remember you are shaping an eternal soul! Then go read this blog entry!!!
    I love you and I am so proud of the mommy you have allowed God to make you!

  2. Congrats on the sweet baby boy!!! Wish I would’ve gotten to see you when you were in town:)
    And I love Anthem Lights too…my cousin (Alan Powell) is one of the guys in the band..pretty sweet huh! Hope you guys are adjusting well:)

    • Thanks Allyson! Sometimes I’ll sneak on my moms FB and I actually had seen a post from you that introduced me to them. They are so incredibly talented. What is with beautiful voices running in your family?! 😉 also I started following you on pinterest (though I rarely go on there) but you always were posting recipes so I needed dinner ideas. Hope you are enjoying married life 🙂 I am sure y’all are! I loved all your photos. Such a stunning bride you were 🙂

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