Caleb Bryant Graham

Well I’m sure you all know by now that our precious little boy has arrived. 🙂 After a few failed attempts to naturally bring on labor my induction date rolled around on Friday the 6th. My mom and I headed to the hospital a little after 9am. We were both so excited that the day had finally arrived. And of course God truly KNOWS what he is doing. His timing is perfect. Even though I was more than ready to hold my sweet baby boy, waiting to be induced was the way for him to come. For one thing Jason has been pretty busy with his new business, (which is AWESOME and we just praise God for that blessing) and of course anyone would understand “My wife went into labor!” but my being induced on a Friday and having the entire weekend was perfect. Jason was able to wrap up his work Friday morning and come to the hospital before anything really had started. But the main reason it was good that I was induced was I had tested positive for the Group B Strep infection. If you’ve had children you’d be familiar with this test. To prevent the baby from becoming infected its ideal that you receive antibiotics (in most cases penicillin) for at least 4 hours right before delivery. So since an induction is pretty controlled this worked out perfect. Once the time had passed and I was pumped full of penicillin we were ready to get things rolling! I informed my midwife of my previous speedy deliveries so with that in mind we made sure the anesthesiologist was at my door once my water was broken. They got me all set with my epidural, which ended up taking a little longer than normal because initially it only worked on my left side! Gah! I experienced 30 minutes worth of FULL BLOWN contractions on my right side. Enough to convince me (I mean I was already convinced) that I would never ever consider going “natural”. LOL! This girl ain’t cut out for that. Once they tweaked it and I was mostly numb I began feeling pressure. I told my sweet midwife Julie and she confirmed “Yep! It’s time to push! Let’s have a baby!” Eeee!!!! Once I started pushing he was here on my 3rd contraction. It could not have gone smoother, God is good. Caleb came into this world with a FULL head of hair weighing in at 6 pounds 14 ounces, just 1 ounce bigger than Ryann, and he is 20 inches long. He is absolutely perfect.

Some of our first moments.

Micaila and Ryann are adjusting to his arrival really well. They just adore him and are big helpers to me. I hope it lasts!! 🙂

In the days that have followed I have realized more and more just how perfect God’s timing was in all of this. You always know his plan is best but leading up to it, impatience can get the best of us.

I am enjoying Caleb so much. Of course I enjoyed the girls but I believe something about my age, the season of life I’m in, the time that has lapsed between him and Ryann, I am just soaking up each moment and trying not to miss a thing. I know now more than ever how quickly the time flies.

There is something about giving birth and meeting this baby I’ve been carrying for 40 weeks,….. Seeing this beautiful child that the Lord allowed me to partner with HIM in creating. It’s very overwhelming. I just can’t stop thanking him. I feel so incredibly loved BY him. And I pray that I can honor him by being a godly mother to these children, and every chance I get point them toward this loving heavenly Father of ours.

We love you so much sweet Caleb!


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