Is she for real?

I could be creating all kinds of chatter around the neighborhood. “Did you see Katie today?!” “Oh my goodness, she was totally outside mowing her lawn! Isn’t she like 9 months pregnant!?” Yup…. it’s all true. I am certain our neighbors think one of two things, either that I am insane or my husband is a total “JA”. Poor Jason, he was even all “How bout I cut the front and you cut the back so people don’t think I’m a real jerk of a husband.” My response… “I don’t really care what people think, if mowing the lawn is gonna get this baby to descend lower in my pelvic area I’ll cut our lawn and their lawn too!” I mean essentially if I were to go for a walk and push Ryann in the stroller it would be the same thing. Except cutting the lawn might even be a little easier because the mower propels itself! It’s really no big deal….. but I know how people are. πŸ˜‰ To be quite honest I think it’s pretty awesome that I feel good enough TO mow the lawn at almost 39 weeks. I wish I would have taken a picture!!!

This weekend I attempted another “labor inducing” method. It’s an old wives tale that eating egg plant parmigiana can cause women to go into labor. We went to this restaurant Scalini’s that serves it and if you go into labor within 48 hours you get a 25 dollar gift card and a onesie that says “Scalini’s baby”. It’s a VERY popular tradition. They have pictures and articles hung all over the place of ladies it’s worked for. Well we ate there Saturday night….. still no baby. I have till like 7:37pm tonight….. I mean I have them quick but I need to go into labor like now! haha. Nicole said we can try another restaurant Ippolitos this weekend if Caleb hasn’t come. Really it’s just our way of getting a girls night out!

This was the first time I had ever even had eggplant and it was very good!

I’ve been reading up on other methods that say can help start your labor. From acupressure to herbal teas to…… well let’s just say Jason is one happy man and I’m not referring to my help in the yard. πŸ˜‰ The fact of the matter is it doesn’t matter WHAT I try the baby just isn’t coming out until he is ready. Mine seem to like waiting for the doctors coaxing and that’s after a FULL 40 weeks gestation. I can do all the labor inducing I want but ultimately that’s not what is getting baby out. It’s mostly just fun trying all the different “methods” and seeing if coincidentally Caleb arrived after experimenting with one. I mean it would be pretty sweet to say “Yeah I totally cut our lawn the day I gave birth to you.” πŸ™‚

Oh! Did my water just break……?? πŸ˜‰



One thought on “Is she for real?

  1. May you find peace in the face that God already has the perfect birthday in mind for your Caleb. I know it so difficult to wait, especially at the end. But treasure these precious moments, you will miss them one day!

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