19 days to go

Most pregnant women can relate to this…… I’m tired of being pregnant! Mostly I just want to hold my baby, see him, count his fingers and toes, watch him breath…… but I’m trying not to get sucked into the anxiety of wishing he was here and once again enjoy each day God gives me for what it is. So here are a few things I’m learning about how to enjoy the moments and not dwell on “when is he going to come?!”

Main thing……. get out of the house! And better yet, get dressed, do your hair and make-up. It really makes a girl feel better when she feels good about herself. I even went as far as going and getting a hair cut. It was time for all of us Graham girls to get a trim so I called my new hair gal up and she could see us that day. Perfect!Ryann was really enjoying this part. I thought she might fall asleep!

Love this…..

I wish I had some pictures of the finished product. I mean it was just a trim but I certainly can’t blow dry like Alisan can! I did go out and by a round brush though so I’m gonna try.

I was bored with my own hair but I’m trying to stay away from coloring it for awhile. Especially considering how healthy and nice it is now! So I went for the bangs. Jason wasn’t really excited about them. Or maybe he isn’t thrilled about being married to a 15 year old I don’t know šŸ˜‰ Either way, it’s done and all my girlfriends seem to love them!

So our salon adventure took up one day!

I admit, in your 3rd trimester you have days where you have burst of energy and can accomplish things like….

Organizing your closets.

so wish I had taken a before, during AND after of this entire office. Just imagine your typical stuff falling out of the closet and covering every inch of the floor while you sort through whats junk and whats junk you want to keep!
Not junk, but I had to document all the yarn my sweet mother-in-law has stocked me up with. There is more to. I really need to get back on the crocheting wagon.

Nothing about this was organized before. There was stuff ALL OVER the desk and floor. It was your basic junk room.

All my yarn was “hiding” (in plain site) back here. Along with some blankets and other random items.

And the best part of it all was being able to put something on this wall. It was previously blank but because I cleaned out the closet I found ALL of these pictures in frames and said “Oh what the heck, let’s hang some stuff!”

However, when you don’t have those surges of energy you can feel PRETTY lethargic. And that is when it’s really tough to get up and out. Today was one of those days, but with a little encouraging from my hubby to come visit him at work, we made it out of the house and I’m sure glad we did. He has started a residential cleaning business so his work is at peoples homes and this particular customer is a sweet older couple that live about 45 minutes away in the country. They were having a basement sale and invited us to come and browse their treasures. They ended up giving us a really nice castle play set for the girls and we got to meet some horses along the way.

I just love horses. One day we are gonna live out in the country and have some!

Can’t forget about the “treasures” the girls found. Why do kids always go for the stuffed animals…. and Ryann happened to pick a dog that rolls on the floor and laughs hysterically. It’s actually pretty funny.

The castle…. really sweet of them to just give it to us. It’s like 400 dollars new and this one is basically in new condition.

So with 19 days to go me and the girls are trying to stay busy, enjoy the pool, get our naps in, and basically not think about “When am I going to go into labor?”


One thought on “19 days to go

  1. Ah, Katie, love the pictures and the haircut! Like my dad always said, “you can’t hurt a good face!” And God has given you an exceptional one! Love the girls with the horses, hope you get a ranch before I’m too old to mount a steed! Lol
    Ps – nice job on the cleaning & organising!

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