Baby Caleb’s Room

Well the first thing you may notice is the fact that our baby finally has a name! So exciting 🙂 We chose Caleb for a couple of reasons. Mainly because once again it was the ONLY name Jason liked that I suggested. I have always loved the name though because it’s in the bible, Hebrew origin, means loyal, I mean Caleb was a pretty cool guy back in the Old Testament. And him and JOSHUA (my nephew who will be arriving any day) will hopefully be just as cool and close as the originals. 😉

We still haven’t nailed down a middle name but hey we have 41 days to do that!

So it’s not COMPLETELY finished, there are a few more things I want to add to Caleb’s nursery but all the important pieces are there so I thought I would go ahead and share them with you all.

So when I did his name I bought rectangle wood pieces from Michaels $1.99 each, used the same paint as we did on the dresser, antique white. I bought his letters, $2.99 each and I stained them Mahogany Red, which we already had and it ended up matching his bed perfectly. 🙂 I love how it turned out. All for about $25.

We decided to use a dresser and night stand that we already had. So I wanted to use dark and off white pieces. We also left the molding up behind his crib because I felt like it helped tie in the furniture. His bedding is by Cocola and it’s called Snickerdoodle. I fell in love with it at Babies R Us but it was 200 dollars and did not include the bumper. When I went to purchase his crib at a local private retailer she had all her bedding on sale and she happen to have this set WITH a bumper, sheet, window valance, crib skirt, and it’s super plush quilt, all for $118. SOLD! It’s very neutral but all the different textures and patterns make it not boring and it’s very well made. I absolutely love this set.

Some friends for Caleb from the girls 🙂 I don’t think I ever blogged about this cat. I tried desperately to get Micaila to love him….. maybe Caleb will.

I plan to use one of these end tables and will doing something different on the other side of his crib. Just not sure what yet. Little books, blankets, and basket all from his shower. 🙂

Dresser works great for the changer! I received the pad cover off my registry at target. Thank you Jamie I LOVE it! It matches his bedding perfectly and it’s super soft. My sweet over priced diaper caddy, haha. Thanks Aunt Marybeth! Still need something on the wall…. soon to come. 😉

Collage that I may continue adding to. My mommy bought the cross 🙂 Definitely can’t wait to put pictures of him in some frames.

Hobby Lobby, half off, bought it for $15!

half off this too! $8 Love the elephants of course, Roll Tide.

Another Hobby Lobby purchase. Can’t remember the price, but it wasn’t more then $10 I’m sure. 😉

I made these with burlap fabric and glued the buttons and scrapbook letters on. Pinterest idea, love it!

And some simple off white curtains. We are also replacing the shades with normal ones that actually BLOCK light haha.

That’s all for now. His very neutral, plush, sweet nursery. I love it, can’t wait for him to be here in it! And a HUGE thank you to my parents and in-laws who donated money so I could purchase his crib and bedding. Seriously, thank you! I love you and feel so loved by you. 🙂


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