30 weeks!


So I am in my 3rd trimester, fast approaching July when sweet boy Graham will be here. I can’t even tell you how anxious I am for him to be here. This certainly has been an emotional pregnancy, as I have shared previously. And lately I haven’t been sleeping well so I have been left to my thoughts and convictions in the middle of the night. I recognize that I haven’t had the greatest attitude through out these past 30 weeks. And I have plenty of great excuses for it too, haha! But excuses aside I realized last night that I want to have a heart and attitude of gratitude. (that sounds so cheesy because it rhymes, oh well) Our lives and attitudes are a reflection of who we are as Christians. Our witness is mostly wrapped up in how we behave and act in the day to day moments. I have had high and low moments this pregnancy and I really want to finish it out strong. I am so thankful that we are having this baby, that so far he and I are healthy and on track growing. I am so thankful I have already had 2 healthy full term pregnancies. I have been so impatient this time, wanting July to hurry up and get here, and it occurred to me that I would hate for this baby to come any sooner than he is supposed too. I want to be content in my circumstances. I think it’s normal as humans for us to look forward to the future and the next stages of life. But as my mother graciously reminded me, we don’t want to always be looking for the next stage of life or event and not enjoy the moment God has given us right now. So I pray that specifically I will enjoy these next 10 weeks. My last 10 weeks of this pregnancy, (or any pregnancy!) My last 10 weeks of having 2 and enjoying the time with Micaila and Ryann. 10 more weeks of enjoying this precious gift of life God is allowing me to take part in creating.

If you don’t mind praying for me too…. 🙂


2 thoughts on “30 weeks!

  1. Katie, first off you look beautiful, but hey that’s no big surprise. Your mother gave you great advice. One day it dawned on me I was just making myself grow old quicker always looking forward to the next big event in my life & not enjoying where I was @ the moment. Of course by the time that light came on I was already a half century old. I think that’s how old something has to be before you consider an antique. Oh well as they say better late then never. So there you have it. Enjoy these last 10 weeks loving & giving to those to precious girls everything you got ( well save some for that hunky husband of yours) because this time will forever change when that graham baby boy comes on site. Let me just tell you there is nothing like a little lovable baby boy. You will want to eat him up. So until then keep trusting & leaning upon your precious Savior. Love you !

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