The Easter Weekend

My mother, mother-in-law, best friend Kaitlyn, and my sweet girls had a “Girls Weekend” at the beach house. Something we can not wait to do annually (if not more frequent!) It was the tale end of every ones spring break and we had been planning it for a few months. I know I was very excited for this weekend, needing to get away from reality and hopefully get away from my pregnant emotions! (Apparently they WILL follow though! haha) Initially none of us realized it was falling on Easter weekend, but when we finally figured it out my thought was, being with 3 of the most influential Christian women in my life, me and my girls, all together reflecting and celebrating over Jesus death and resurrection…. I thought this would make for a very special Easter. And it was special, it just did not go according to plan. We had brought The Passion to watch together only to discover late that night we had no DVD player and we didn’t factor in our travel time for Sunday so needless to say we did not get to attend a worship service. We did however all gather around, Micaila and Ryann included, and read out of John, from the plot to kill Jesus all the way to his ascent to Heaven. That was a very intimate moment when I was able to soak in how much Jesus loves His people. Jesus prayer alone in John 17….. if you have a moment I encourage you to read that. And I felt overwhelmed by His love through the ones I was with over the weekend. I feel so blessed to have those women in my life. Whose desire is to know and love Jesus as intimately as possible and to honor Him on the weekend that He sacrificed EVERYTHING for us. Though I hated to be away from my home church, I was still engaged with the body of Christ, and for my girls to witness over and over what being a godly woman looks like (through watching my mothers and sweet friend) that is something I’ll always cherish. And as Kaitlyn reminded me, we are not limited to Easter to celebrate Jesus life. It’s something we can celebrate daily. I treasure Good Friday and Easter Sunday as the days that we really hone in on what our Savior did for us, but ultimately I pray my life would be a reflection of the change His sacrifice brings.

However next year, we will probably stay home instead. 😉

So excited to be out of the car and at the beach!

patiently waiting for grandmas to arrive 🙂

My sweet Kaitlyn, so glad you’re here!

This was the first of MANY pictures when Ryann was acting like a total stinker! So unlike her. 😉

Micaila actually was my cooperative picture taker for the weekend. Flip-flop.

Future runner? 😉

Let’s do this! haha

Little tiny crab



🙂 ready for dinner

Can’t forget about Bruiser

Waiting for some dolphins to swim by

The preggos. 🙂

I ❤ this picture!

Thumbs up for Lu-Lu’s! Biggest crab claws in town!

My sweet mother-in-law. Goodness I’m blessed with TWO wonderful moms!

Micaila with my moms shades, lol.

Hello gorgeous! 🙂

I love this picture too! They are such good girls. 🙂

Giant strawberry! yum yum!

Trying to help build something, but admittedly Jason is way better with sand then me.

Gotta get in a good beach nap.

Where’s a man when you need one? lol

So Kaitlyn, being the thoughtful creative one in the group, brought us some “props” to really make the weekend girly!

Those ears fit her to well hahaha.

and her? just kidding ma!

Inaugural Girls Beach Weekend

PTL for this photo! 😉

My mammy 🙂 Love you so so much.

and then there is you 🙂

Last dinner,…. goof ball is back with tooth picks!

Though I had big aspirations for what our family Easter would be like this year, I know full well and am grateful for the sacrifice Jesus made. Apart from Him I would be nothing. But I am so thankful to know the Truth and have confidence in His love for me. It is amazing, what He did for us. And even being at the beach couldn’t distract us from reflecting on that sacrifice and acknowledging exactly what He did and what it means for our lives. In fact being surrounded by the beauty of the Lords creation only emphasizes more that He DOES exist and we DO NEED HIM. Life with out Christ is no life at all. I am so thankful that I know Him. I am so thankful that He KNOWS and LOVES me passionately.


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