Spring Festivities

Happy spring time! The girls woke up this morning and were greeted with SPRING baskets from their NeeNee. Then we hid the eggs they colored and a few goodie filled plastic ones for a spring time egg hunt.

One of these days many years from now when Micaila and Ryann have kids and grand-kids they will all, hopefully, have continued and spread the tradition of “celebrating spring” in March and reserving Easter for our Savior. And hopefully because of that change unsaved people will be impacted by how much Easter means to Christians. They will take note of how important it is to us to make this day all about Him because of what He did for us. They will begin to understand and grasp what his life, death, and resurrection all means for us and they will ultimately desire to have relationship with Him.

It’s a big vision I know. But it’s gotta start somewhere right? 🙂

The next thing I will blog about on this topic is how we explain, share, and celebrate the events leading up to Easter Sunday with the girls. This will be the most important part of separating the two traditions. It wouldn’t be enough to just remove the baskets and egg hunts from Easter morning. As Christian parents we want to ensure we do our part in sharing with our children the love of Christ. Yes daily. But also giving them the opportunity to really grab hold of days like Easter and Christmas and why we set them aside and devote a whole day to the event. My prayer is that in doing this now they will have a great understanding early on of what His sacrifice means for them and that it will instill a love and desire in their hearts for Christ. Because THAT is what it’s all about.


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