Spring is here and so is our new tradition!

Spring is officially here! Everything is blooming, the pollen is CrAzY, and all the little critters are coming out of hibernation. Except that with our abnormally warm winter no one hibernates AND even more hysterical none of the old squirrels died off from a cold winter so now we apparently have a squirrel issue here in Georgia. The issue for me is that there is far too much road kill but that is getting way off topic.

Last year you may recall my Easter blog. This year we get to implement our new spring tradition. As much as I would love to nixola the baskets, I gave my sweet generous mother-in-law the option to send her gifts early if she so desired. We received our 2 BOXES of goodies today. So along with the spring egg hunt we will be doing Saturday, they will get spring baskets that morning. And thank you to Linda (seriously, thank you!) we wont have to purchase a single thing! The point in all this though is to keep Easter reserved for Jesus and His resurrection.  I’m excited about our new family tradition and I pray that the girls (and baby boy eventually) are able to really grasp what Easter is all about.

Today the girls dyed eggs for Saturday. It is a joy watching them do fun crafty things like that so I’m happy with this resolution. And here are the pictures. 🙂

Oh and here’s a hilarious picture of Marley.

We’re so cruel. Happy Spring!! 🙂


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