Nursery Ideas for Baby Boy

Now that we know we are having a boy, I have been quick to browse websites and get some inspiration for his nursery. I love this part! Though I admit putting it altogether hardly ever turns out how I envisioned. This time I will enlist the help of my husband from the start because I love how he did the girls bedroom. I know we will stick with neutral wall colors, I just don’t see blue paint in our future. But blue bedding….. ahhh yes, definitely some sweet blue bedding. I would classify my taste in boy bedding as very classic. I recently discovered (thank you pinterest) Restoration Hardware Baby…….. love. I am almost certain I will either buy, find, or try and make something based off their site. Check out some of these rooms. I will start with my favorite.

I absolutely LOVE this bedding. And the furniture, though I would definitely NOT purchase the 900 crib. (I mean seriously?) I like that the only thing that seems remotely “busy” is the bumper. Everything is calm and just works from the bumpers pattern. (which by the way, looks a teeny bit feminine to me but I just love it anyway)

This bedding looks so cozy to me. And if you check out their website you can zoom into everything and you’ll notice that those are little elephants lining the bottom of the skirt. Roll Tide right? 🙂

More comfy baby blue bedding. I don’t think I’ll be doing white furniture this time. But I love how clean it all looks.

I know they all look very similar. On the bumper of this one there are actually very subtle stripes. Again I like that nothing is crazy and in your face.

Of course I am looking beyond the actual rooms. I mean you have to, none of them are realistic for normal people! Those are like 10 foot windows! This place probably doesn’t even sell drapes long enough for that window.

That’s all for now, much more to come on Baby Boy Graham 🙂


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