Ahhh… blue skies :-)

It’s been a dreary week for us here in Georgia. For one thing, the weather has been just miserable. I love rainy days but not 2 weeks worth of them. And the ONE day (Tuesday) that we got a break from the wetness and clouds this poor pregnant mamma came down with a virus. Talk about depressing. Then the rained returned. Puke and rain, what a combo! 😉 Fortunately, it all eventually passed, and today has actually been quite beautiful. Soooo I thought it was totally appropriate to get some photos of the girls outside while we all enjoyed the sunshine. It had also been awhile since I have taken more “candid” pictures of the girls.

Yeah she’s pretty messy but that just means she’s having fun 🙂

She poses herself by the way.

I promise you, the only reason I get more pictures of Ryann is because Micaila runs from me when I get the camera out. haha.

That sky is making a whole lot of people happy round here, that I know for sure.

On another pregnancy note, after my battle with DEATH (not really, but it sure felt like it) I THINK I am back to normal. Though I will say this little guy is sucking up every ounce of food and energy I have. I have never felt so run down during a pregnancy. I feel pretty tired all the time and pretty hungry ALL THE TIME. 🙂 Which to some wouldn’t be a problem…. and really to me it’s not except that I feel like we never have enough food! I will post some pictures of my growing belly soon, because it is indeed growing. I FEEL like it is way bigger than it really is. I already feel it’s fully grown ready to pop….. not sure what that means for when it is.

But I am still “glowing” over this little boy and wouldn’t trade any of these minor discomforts since it’s apart of creating him. 🙂


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