It’s a boy, it’s a boy, it’s a boy!!!! We can hardly believe it but it is definitely a BOY! I mean after 2 girls, and Jason’s cousin having 3 girls, we kind of figured it was impossible for this generation of Graham’s to create a boy but “With God all things are possible”, Amen and Amen! Obviously had it been another girl we would have been just as excited, just not as SURPRISED. And with this being our first boy, it brings all new and different feelings to the table. Gosh I can’t believe it’s a BOY! The ultrasound was incredible too. Sadly I didn’t purchase pictures. We went to this place, not affiliated with my OB to have an ultrasound done early at 16 weeks. I really only needed to know the gender and I knew we would get photos at 20 weeks from the ob so that is why we didn’t get any. They had a really BIG screen for the ultrasound to be projected on and the second she started scanning my belly it was like BAM-BOY! Even I was pretty sure of what I was seeing. After knowing our “story” her smile and face said it all and we just were beside ourselves that we actually were going to be blessed with a boy. I’m not even sure Jason believes it yet haha.

Here is an example of why it is good for me to find out before hand what we are having. If I were to wait till delivery we would never make it out of the hospital with a name. Therefore we’d be stuck at the hospital. HELP!!!! We have ZERO boy names. We had settled on Emery Kate, for a girl, but that wont work for our little man. Seriously, I want, I NEED your suggestions. Every time I pick up the baby name book I’m totally overwhelmed. So load me up with any name you don’t plan on using yourself, haha. 🙂

And when I go for my 20 week ultrasound I will most certainly post pictures of our sweet angel, who needs a NAME! :hint hint:

And congratulations again to my eldest brother and sister in-law who is a month ahead of me and are having a boy as well.

God is good 🙂



2 thoughts on “Oh BOOOOOOYYYYYY!!!!!

  1. I think Charles Wesley is a beautiful boy’s name and it would double as being after your father and grandfather (my dad). It goes good with Graham. It has spiritual significance Charles Wesley wrote some really great hymns. besides I ihink Charlie IS A CUTE NANE

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