Tomorrow tomorrow

The day has FINALLY come, well tomorrow. Is it just me or does time slow down when you are pregnant?? 🙂 We’re going to find out the sex of our sweet little 3rd blessing. I am so excited! I know for some people waiting till the baby is born to know if it’s a boy or girl is the way to go, but I’m just not patient enough. And I admit, it probably would be an amazing experience to be completely surprised when you deliver the baby. But for me the planning outweighs the surprise. Every one is different but, when I can name the baby, decorate his or her room, imagine what he or she will look like, all these things are easier for me to do when I know the sex and in turn I feel like I just bond better. Not that I know the difference since I’ve never gone the other route. Yeah we can chalk it up to impatience. ;-)So, tomorrow is the day! Can’t wait to share!

Go ahead and post what YOU think we are going to have. I’ll give you 2 guesses 😉


2 thoughts on “Tomorrow tomorrow

  1. Boy boy boy! or girl. 😉
    I am the same way. I love to prepare and I feel like I can bond better when I call the baby by name and I know the sex. I asked CJ if he wanted to wait to find out this time but he didn’t. Since he didn’t I definitely couldn’t! I am so excited to find out what you are having!!!!!


  2. I totally get you, Katie! I always wanted to know…of course the only one I did know (and I didn’t believe it until I saw you) was you!
    I think the baby is a girl! But I’ve seldom been right! LOL!
    Got any perspective names picked out or are you waiting for that “battle” with Jason until you know the gender!! : >

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