Christmas Eve and Day photos

It’s crazy, the least planned and definitely littlest effort photo shoots go the best. Karen was able to snap a few great pictures of everyone so I was pretty excited. Micaila did well up until the last 5 shots….. the kid must have a photo limit….

oh happy family, pictures make everything look so perfect and easy. So not! 😉

I mean definitely worth it of course. 🙂

I know in about 10 years I’m going to look back on these pictures of Micaila with lots of tears. Seriously, not even 5 years old yet….

Oh my Always-Sleeping-Beauty

Give me a nice grapey kiss Riley 😉

My beautiful mommy.

Ryann and Aunt Karen. Ryann is already in Pajamas, haha.

Back at NeeNee and PawPaw’s, Micaila writes to Santa. Yes, Santa. Not a tradition passed along from the White side, is all I’m gonna say. No it’s not all I’m going to say, I’ll add this. Even though we do Santa with the girls, they STILL give all the credit of their gifts to NeeNee, my mother in law. I find this to be hysterical especially considering that so many others shower them with presents. I think it is because Linda (NeeNee) buys them so many clothes and such through out the year that they just think anything given to them must come from her. I’m TOTALLY okay with NeeNee getting credit over Santa. Take that Santa!

Pretty spiffy glass huh…. I know even I want to puke over it. 😉 No I’m lying, to move beyond my life long aversion to all things Santa I’ve learned to just embrace it for my husbands sake and have fun with cookies and reindeer food. Secretly I want to gag. 

Christmas morning- Ryann sees her new bike! Seriously, it was BOUT TIME some one got this kid a new bike. (Thank you Aunt Karen !!!!) Because this is what we make our kids ride for the first few years until they are comfortable on a bicycle.

It’s considered the “race bike”. We tried to put some streamers on the ends of it at one point to make it a little more feminine. Obviously it’s very humbling for our girls to ride this bike. Never the less it was time for Ryann to move up in the bike world. Karen did a great job picking it out for her and she loves it!

It can even hold her new 12 dollar baby doll! A baby doll is a staple gift for every Christmas. I’m excited that the girls are finally growing out of the stage where they draw on their babies faces and strip them of their clothes. Thus why we don’t spend more then 12 dollars on baby dolls! Poor babies…..

Micaila with hers….. she named her Emily. After naming her Ellie, Kirsten, and Bella. I think her name is Emily. Poor gal, I know why she was only 12 bucks….. girl has a bad wig. They pulled her hair in the pony tail juuuuust right. Wont be taking that down any more.

Jason thinks this baby looks like my girlfriends daughter. Can anyone guess who?????

THIS is a key reason why I am not a Santa fan. Micaila sat on Santa’s lap and asked for a music box. Sweet right…. I mean at least she is reasonable and not asking for a pony. However a pony would have been easier to find then this stinkin thing. Who spent hours and hours, searching, and driving all over town to find this music box? Well it wasn’t Santa! It was mommy dearest. And after all that hard work, who in the end would get the credit, well it wasn’t me. I mean seriously, how crummy is that? This is why Christmas is intended to celebrate Jesus birthday not us getting presents. Because people like me stress out way to much over music boxes and get side tracked over what the day is really about. I would be totally okay with doing away with presents altogether…… but I did get a pretty sweet gift myself.

And he sings to me, “You smile I smile…” 😉 thanks babe! It was great until Ryann decided to brush the cat with it….. 

 That about “un wraps” our 2011…… 😉


6 thoughts on “Christmas Eve and Day photos

  1. lol. Love your comments on all the pics ;-). Our kids give us the credit! Took a couple years for me to give up santa but Keith could care less and our little ones dont know the difference. nothing changes, they just know its from mommy and daddy. I am totally on the other side now! I never thought I would give up Santa! I uploaded all my photos yesterday to my blog, I was just to lazy to finish it. Maybe ill finish today. Love you! You all look beautiful!

  2. I love, love, love it all! The fam photos turned out great…I had my doubts, but Aunt Karen definitely came through!!! She’s the best, auntie!
    As usual your commentary brought it all together, Katie.
    Such sweet memories! All except when Micaila was being uncooperative in the family pics, but hey…that’s why the mosquito bite her!!!! ha, ha

    • HA!!! So true! She totally deserved that bug bite. I probably deserved a few too. 😉 I was gonna put more in there about her tude but I figured I’d give her a break. I mean, I’m sure it won’t be the last time we encounter it. Sweet memories lol 😉

  3. What a beautiful family you have!! I loved all the pictures and yes, reading all the comments as well 🙂 Everyone is growing up sooo fast it is so sad. Ava is not in the stage where she draws all over her baby dolls yet she just loves to take care of them and put them into Noah’s things (his carseat, swing, bouncer, high chair, etc.) I am sure you remember those days…It’s pretty cute! Lol


    • oh yes, Micaila was always buckling something (doll, stuffed animal, imaginary friend) in Ryann’s car seat. I’m sure we’ll see replays of that soon 😉 I dont know why they had urges for drawing on their babies. It was quite frustrating because it wont come off! lol. Maybe I didn’t give them enough paper back then to express themselves artistically 😉

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