Christmas time pictures begin!

Tonight Micaila had her very first “Christmas Program” for school. She has been talking about how “I’m going to sing on stage! I sing really good!” (so modest) But she wouldn’t sing any of the songs for us because it was a surprise. Of course we were ecstatic to see our little girl get on a big stage for the first time. And she did what most pre schoolers do. Sang but not real enthusiastically. At home she’s not shy at all and will sing her little heart out to Justin Bieber but if you try to record her or put her in front of an audience she just clams up. It was still fun though and I still think we have a little singer in there, she’s just not ready to come out yet. 🙂 We were able to snap some adorable photos before hand so I must share.


We are so unbelievably blessed 🙂


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