Crimson Crocheting

I just shipped these off to a sweet customer Lindsey, who requested Bama themed products, ROLL TIDE ROLL! Anyway, they are already gone but they turned out so good of course I wanted to post pictures.

I did both scarves with the half double crochet stitch. I started with a chain of like 200+ for the length and then worked my rows up and down, alternating colors as I felt needed. I used 3 different yarns and I can only remember the Crimson brand and it was Red Heart :-/ Which at first I thought was going to be too stiff but I hand washed them in cold water with a little bit of Tide and Downy and they softened nicely. Altogether both scarves took about a week of me picking it up for an hour or so a day. So not too long 🙂

I crocheted the headbands doing the double crochet and chaining the desired width. Then for the flowers I bought at Michaels, pulled them apart and layered the color pattern hot glueing the layers. I glued them to an alligator clip and Vuwahla (is that how you would spell that?? lol I googled it and it’s Voila…)

And Jason threw this one on her and I had to take a picture. Cutie patootie. That’s all for now!



One thought on “Crimson Crocheting

  1. Nice work, Katie! Makes me wish I was a Bama fan! I’m not any kind of “fan” cause I don’t watch football, not because I don’t like Alabama, of course

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