Stocking up inventory, come and get it!

Hello hello loved ones! I come bringing lots of crochet projects and I need YOUR help. I suppose I need to give an official up date here on my blog about where we are with the adoption process. It is still very much on my heart but over the last few months I accepted the fact that we wont be adopting this year. In fact it may take a few years. This was extremely difficult for me to come to terms with at first. I thought we were so ready to jump in all the way and move forward right now. But with all that we have learned and all that Jason and I have talked about we just think international is where are heart is at. As I have said before the cost of international is overwhelming, especially for my very frugal husband. I totally have faith that God can provide the funds but Jason and I came to an agreement that we would raise them before applying to an agency and country. This potentially could take a while and I was pretty sad about that but over time I have realized (again) His timing is perfect, it’s vital for Jason and I to be “on the same page” and of course…. It’s not about me! So that’s our adoption update. I’m still crocheting, and still hoping to sell them and still saving every dollar we receive for these items. That money Linda sent from selling her scarves is still in its envelope next to all my yarn. 🙂

Here are some scarves that Linda made recently and gave me to sell. She is just so talented. I really love the multi colored one and the silver and white is just so wintery! She gave me yarn to make some matching hats for them which I plan to do.

I know the photo quality isn’t great, I took them with my phone b/c my camera is in the car and well….. I’m lazy!

Here is a scarf I made recently and once again ran out of yarn 😦 I am still debating getting more yarn. Just because I love the colors and I don’t see it as being a child’s scarf.

And here is a sweet baby blue beanie that is SO SO soft and I was really excited to finally make something with this yarn.

The baby is sweet too 😉

So, everything that I have ever posted on here is still available. I’m thinking I’ll sell beanies for 8 dollars and scarves between 15-20 dollars. If you follow me and go to my daddy’s church I will be home for thanksgiving and can personally deliver 🙂 We are also coming home at Christmas is you would like for me to make something between now and then. Check out all my posting’s and see if there is anything you’d like. Thanks so much for your support!


7 thoughts on “Stocking up inventory, come and get it!

  1. Hey Katie how are you doing???? You are doing such an AMAZING job at doing these :)…. I might be able to help you with raising some money as well. I can make a few bags for you to sell if you would like :). Let me know. text or call me and we can talk details 🙂

  2. Ahh, I love the blue beanie….and the baby! I’ll buy both! Ha, ha. Well, I know Nicole won’t let go of Hattie, so I’ll take the beanie. If you could make a girly one for Riley (pink, purple, or something) I’ll buy it too!

  3. On second thought, I think the blue one will look good on Riley with her blue eyes! Make me a black scarf…instead of an extra beanie.

  4. Andrew wants a black beanie! and you didn’t hear it from me, but he has a huge noggin :). And I would like a black and gray scarf. Maybe even a curly one is like a magenta or fun color! Also, of course need a pink beanie for Lucy. That should keep you busy! ❤

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