Twirly Whirly and Color Wonder

So I’ve finished up two scarves recently. I told you how I was attempting a fun ruffly scarf. This thing was a beast. I would go into detail about why it was so annoying to crochet but I feel as if I might lose some of you. Daunting is all I can say. Anyway, I’m not sure if I really “finished it” but it’s finished enough for me.

Yes I am in PJ’s…. I mean why waste laundry if you aren’t going anywhere?

It’s very, very, long if you like to twist scarves around your neck a few times this one can do it.

Here it is on Micaila. She’s in her PJ’s too, aren’t they cute?! I will say the cool thing about the ruffles is they kind of will hook on to each other and stay in place for whatever look or length you’re going for.

My next scarf would better suit a child probably, it’s not very long. I ran out of yarn and I haven’t looked up how to add new yarn. Really should do that b/c that’s kind of annoying. <~~~ see, I’m so “annoyed”, maybe I need to go read my bible again and talk with God. 😉

I really love the colors in this, I feel like you could pair it with a lot of things and pull out the blue, orange, or purple.

That’s all for now. 🙂



4 thoughts on “Twirly Whirly and Color Wonder

  1. I love the twirly one too. I think I would want it in black. I am still deciding on the color. Ill let you know. I will for sure be requesting some baby stuff for my new baby. like a diaper cover, a beanie, maybe a blanket. I’ll let you know! I’m so excited you make this stuff!

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