Fall visits, Georgia A-Scarium, Pumpkins, and Halloween OH MY!

I don’t think I have had this much activity packed into 4 days in my entire life! Truth be told I do NOT handle busy-ness well. I’m overwhelmed so easily and with the recent weaning of my anxiety medicine (another story in itself) I realize I REALLY am overwhelmed easily. Not to say that I didn’t have fun….. it’s just at moments it probably didn’t look like I was having fun hahaha. Fortunately God has designed us (or maybe just me?) to primarily remember the GOOD. 🙂 So let me tell you about our wonderful weekend!

The most exciting thing was that my wonderful friend Kellie came to visit again. This time she brought her whole family. I was so excited for Jason, myself, Kellie and her hubs Andrew to hang out again like we used to in FL. It had been so long and I miss the good ol’ “rock band days”. As you grow older and get married you realize it is extremely difficult to find couples that you both click with. I blame the men because I can get along with anyone! It seems like it’s harder for guys to find a “BFF”! Anyway, Andrew is a stitch and I’m pretty sure anyone would enjoy hanging out with him so the 4 of us really get along well. Sooooo here are some photo’s of our fabulous weekend with our fabulous friends. 🙂 Oh yeah, be prepared for TONS of pictures….. you can’t blame us though…. 😉

Here we are off to Henry’s this really cool Cajun Louisiana feel restaurant in Downtown Acworth. In fact it was SO COOL there was a 2 hour wait and we actually didn’t make it to dinner b/c we didn’t want to have our sitter out all night long. Note to self: next time go EARLY 🙂 We still enjoyed appeteeaazers and a little music too!“Sold Everywhere!” haha, no we are not! 😉

And yes, we were totally rockin the fake lashes, so fun!

Saturday morning….. these photos remind me of Christmas morning. We had a big yummy breakfast and enjoyed our morning Joe. I think my favorite part of having visitors is the morning. It’s so relaxing. 🙂

The girlies

Gavatron and his beautiful blue eyes

Whelp…. that explains it all 😉

Scrump-dilli-umptious! In fact check out this pancake recipe, it’s amazing!

Next up on our agenda was White Oak Park and fall photos. Ahhh, family pictures…. such a joy to take :-/

Moving right along to the fall festival…. not super impressed. Really need to find a good ol’ church fall festival like Lutz used to have back in the day.

After a busy day we came home rested and then made S’Mores!!!! In our new/unfinished fire pit 😉 Jason put pavers down on the patio and decided he wanted to put a different kind of stone on the pit. Gonna have to hold off till we get back from Savannah.

:-/ !!!

Sunday we headed off the the Georgia Aquarium. If you brought your kids dressed in costume they got in free. Which is a big deal because that place charges you an arm and a leg!

Moving on to Halloween…. I had more pictures but they wont load and well I already have like a thousand in this blog anyway.

We carved a pumpkin as usual.

And now it’s time to get all dressed up for Trick or Treating! Yay!!!

Introducing Cinderella!!! Sometimes late but worth the wait 😉

Where is your slipper Cinderella!?!

And now we have Snow White. Care taker of all the woodland animals with a voice that melts your heart.

Watch out for those apples Snow White 😉

Best Princess Friends Forever

And introducing Barbie and friends!

That’s all for this blog, can’t fit any more pictures in it. But I have tons from the park that I will upload to another blog. Coming soon!


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