Fall Family Photos

You wanna stress this girl out, try and have me take some pictures of our whole family. Why is it the devil always shows up to family picture day??? Often it seems like he’s taking up residence in me! Yikes! But seriously, between knowing Jason does NOT want to be there and I mean really can you ever get everyone to smile, the lighting right, the perfect pose, and zero wardrobe malfunctions??? FORGET IT! Family picture day is a recipe for disaster! Or maybe a cocktail I don’t know! Here is what we got though. Hope you enjoy.

Starting off good… Micaila is already being very cooperative……

This is why you will see more pictures of Ryann…. it has nothing to do with favoritism…. I swear, it doesn’t.

Here is where we lost Micaila. She was having a TMD over laying in the grass. Paaalleeeease spare me the drama!

This is where we tried to have me lay down and have Micaila lay on my back so she wouldn’t be “attacked” by the grass.

Hold on tight, you might fall off! I mean really??? This is not happening. It’s fine, we can just crop the tude out.


And this is where we decided to end the madness…..

Gosh they are just SO happy! 🙂

I admit though, we did get some good ones. I guess it’s just burned in my brain what all REALLY went on that I didn’t catch on camera. Fun times!


4 thoughts on “Fall Family Photos

    • thank yooouuu, we had this really great photgrapher 😉 In fact we want to book again when we are in Fl. I didn’t want to post many of yours because I figured you would want to share them 😉

  1. Katie, those pictures are BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a gorgeous family you have, and I can totally testify to everything you said in the beginning of your post about hubby not wanting to be there, nothing to match, devil decided to be there the morning of…Haha all relates, I haven’t had our family pictures done, but just seeing yours definitely gives me hope!

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