Marathon Nightmare

I suppose since the time is drawing near for my first marathon it’s normal for some fears to start surfacing. Last night I had a dream that must have encompassed everything about a marathon that I am scared would happen. Here’s the list.

1.) Stairs. Really?? In my nightmare we came to a part in the marathon where we had to run up and down stairs.

2.) Getting lost. I guess there weren’t enough people in this particular run where I could actually follow the pack and on top of that the course was so poorly designed it was hard to navigate. In fact they had “Turn Here” signs to indicate where you should go but some of those signs were not actually for the race. Oy vey…..

3.) Starting late. I was late and started like an hour after every one else. All the half marathoners, which included my florida Erica and then Nicole, were already finishing up. Erica, you finished your half marathon in an incredible 13 minutes! I think that qualifies you for Boston! 😉 My other friend Heather was also running the marathon but I would never catch up with her. Even if I hadn’t started an hour late.

4.) On top of starting late my legs would not run. Oh the heavy legs! Always happens at the wrong time,… marathons, running from the boogy man, or a tornado…

5.) My watch died! Which was a HUGE deal. Because I got lost, by the end of the race I couldn’t figure out if I had even run the full 26.2 and I had no time to even calculate off of that.

What a nightmare! But no worries, before the dream was over I made it a point to find the race coordinators and ask them “What the heck kind of race is this! Stairs???? Who puts stairs in a marathon! And I got LOST, how do you get lost in a race? I’m a smart girl with a good sense of direction, I want a refund.”

I’m confident RNR will not be like that. T minus 19 days!


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