Alabama Homecoming Game!

This past weekend Jason and I had a date night. Like a WHOLE NIGHT! We went to the Alabama game and spent the night in a hotel in Birmingham. Thanks to Randy for sharing his Marriott points 😉 gotta love that! It was so so much fun. It was homecoming so there of course were TONS of Bama fans. Really felt like home once we crossed the state lines and starting seeing on the cars with ROLL TIDE on them. 🙂 So of course I want to share some pictures we took because I found the cutest most perfect Bama dress. I felt like a Tri Delt or something! Totally fit right in with the college gals.

My Bama jewelry Randy and Linda bought me for my b-day last year 🙂

On the way to our seats….. they were pretty high!

ALA-BAMA Roooooooooooooolllll TIDE ROLL! So fun!!!

What a game! Glad we finally got our act together in 2nd half!

By the way, this is me up since 5:45am after running 18 miles! So glossy and red my eyes were hahaha! Worth being up for every minute. Go Bama!



2 thoughts on “Alabama Homecoming Game!

  1. Oh that we could all look that good after getting up so early….much less running 18 miles!!!! Wow, Katie, great pictures!!! LOVE the dress! You do look like a college girl!

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