Fundraising: The Package

Since announcing my crochet projects I have received so much encouragement from so many people. It really makes crocheting that much more enjoyable knowing why I’m doing it and that people support me. I get excited every time I pick up my needle and yarn. 🙂

So this package arrives…..


My mother-in-law is a pro knit/crochet”er” but has needed to take a break from the world of yarn. So last week she put all her extra yarn and even some scarves she had crocheted in a box to label at work and ship to me.

Aren’t they pretty! 🙂 Well before she could get everything packaged up she had quite a few ladies show interest in her scarves and PURCHASE them. She informed the ladies of what I was doing and they asked if she could send the money to me!!

Isn’t God so amazing. He’s already provided our first donation and I didn’t even have to make the product! 

Because of the interest people have shown and just how much I enjoy doing this I started having a vision. In the back of my mind I’m always wondering “What will be MY thing? What will I do that will be for the Kingdom of God?” I know, I’m a mom and a wife, a daughter, sister, and friend. And all those things can most definitely glorify God. But I just have always felt like I wanna do something outside those things. Something specific that I’m passionate about that will bring glory to Him. And I think I’ve found it. I see this crocheting thing becoming big. I see us raising the funds to bring home our child and I see me continuing this ministry to help OTHERS bring home their children. I see this as a way for other people to contribute to His kingdom and bring home orphans from all over the world.

So that’s my vision…. and I believe in it! Now I just need a catchy name for this ministry….. 😉


2 thoughts on “Fundraising: The Package

  1. For a name, I say steal Mary & Sharon’s group name, “Knit Together”, it can represent the whole concept of God forming babies in the womb then bringing them together with families He has chosen. and the vehicle of crocheting & knitting as the financial means!!! It’s perfect, even if it’s not original!!! LOL
    BTW- you have a great mom-in-law!

  2. Well you are the 2nd person to suggest that name. I asked Kaitlyn for ideas because she’s very creative and she said “OH!!! Knit Together!! Because it represents your families coming together through knitting!” I was like “Yeah I love it, but there is a group at our church with that name!” I can’t steal it….. or can I???? with permission of course lol.

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