Fundraising: 1st headband and flower

I was really anxious to attempt a beanie and I started to make one and because I tend to be such a “tight knitter” it ended up being REALLY small. At first it took on the shape of like a…. yamaka. I kept showing Jason and asking his opinion. He encouraged me to keep at it and just see what happened. So I continued down my rows, trying to stretch it out every so often and finally took a look at what was taking shape. It was a beanie….. but probably wouldn’t fit any human being with a head bigger than my cats! It was a quality cat beanie, definitely would not ever fall apart, lol. I decided to not waste my yarn being that my market will not be for cats. It was hard to unravel that thing though. I had spent a lot of time on it. 😦

So I took a break from trying to make the beanies and went for a head band. I had to finish something! And finish I did. I had already made a flower the day before and I was dying to have something to attach it to. So here ya go. 🙂

Oh I just LOVE having girls to model this stuff for me.

The head band is about 7 inches long, made with baby yarn, REALLY soft 🙂 Fits both M and R’s head so a 3 and 4-year-old.


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