First sleep over!!!

Okay I have to admit, I might be more excited than the girls about our first “girls sleep over”. It just brings back so many good memories of me and my very first best friend Kristen. Ahhh some good time she and I had between the ages of 4 and 10. I’ll never forget them. 🙂 And since the girls are at that age it just gets me all excited!!! So Scott and Nicole are celebrating their 10 year wedding anniversary! WAY TO GO Grahams!!! So cool to see a couple that TRULY love each other. I mean you can really tell with them and it’s cool to witness. Anyway, they went out of town to celebrate and we got to keep GG for the night. 🙂 We’ve just been having a blast. I know I get to spend lots of time with them ALL THE TIME but this is the first time she’s ever slept here so it’s new and FUN and we’re loving it. We ate cake, because that’s what you do right?! And went to the park, played the girls favorite “pirate game” and came back to take a really long bath and an even LONGER hair drying session. I mean that’s a lot of hair between three girls! Here are some sweet pictures of our very first sleep over. Love you girlies so much!

The little cake monster being so silly!

Of course they ALL had to wear night GOWNS because that’s what GG wears. Take note grandmas they are lovin the night gowns 😉

Oh my goodness we are going to have our hands FULL!

I had to save the best photo for last because even though the quality from my phone was not as superb it doesn’t take away from how sweet it is.

Jason and PeeWee counting while the other girls hide. 🙂 I just love it.

Anyway, super fun night, really cherish these moments. Also, be looking for my NEXT post about a package I’ll be receiving. Really cool story that I can’t wait to share. 🙂



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