Our first information meeting

So last night we attended our very first meeting about adoption. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce us to each available program through Bethany. I was under the impression that we were going to get pretty extensive information on EACH program but I guess I misunderstood. Once they introduced the programs we than had to decide which one we wanted to hear more about. I wanted to hear more info on about 3! I didn’t know what room we should go in but I let Jason decide and he picked the Foster Care room. I was already having my reservations about foster care only because of what all I’d read. The primary goal for children in foster care is to reunify them with their parents….. it’s not for them to be adopted. This is a good thing for the children. Best case scenario for all children is to be in a healthy stable home with their real parents. But our current passion is adoption. We want to bring an orphan, permanently, into our home and give them all the love and stability we have, forever. There is a great need for foster parents. And ONE day when we don’t have small children and our family dynamics are different, we may consider foster care again. But with where we are at right now, we feel it’s in the best interest of our family to move right into adoption. We learned A LOT about how the foster care program works. One of the greatest needs in foster care currently is parents willing to bring in teenagers. I’m only 24. I feel like I just left that stage of life! Through out the entire meeting I felt anxious and scared and just this overwhelming feeling of this is not where we need to be RIGHT NOW. When we left I knew that the foster care program wasn’t a good fit. And Jason knew it too. But I was so disappointed. I SO was hoping to leave that meeting ready to take the next step in whatever program we had decided on. I was hoping we would have honed in on 1 program not just ruled out 1 of 3. But once again, I have to realize GOD IS IN CONTROL. This is for Him and it’s going to happen in His timing.

Now that we know we wont be pursuing foster care at this time, Jason wants to learn more about international adoption. We also have a connection with someone who does domestic infant/toddler adoptions and we may get together with them and learn more about that. We want to meet a NEED though. Be praying that God will continue leading us to that child that needs us. And be praying that I will have peace and patience until we get to them, because I am so ready to be hugging and loving on that boy or girl right now!


4 thoughts on “Our first information meeting

  1. So appreciate your prayers as well as your encouragement. I can already tell that the kind words and advice from my fellow Christian friends and family is going to help tremendously in getting me through to the end. God is good!

  2. Katie, I think it is wonderful that you want to pursue adoption. I was thinking maybe your cousins Kim and Joe Scoggins could give you some guidance as they have 2 adopted children. I’m sure your mom could get you their contact information. We’ll be praying for you on this journey!

    P. S. Love to see your pictures, you really are a good photograher (and writer) but of course you have beautiful subjects! They are getting so big! Love to you all!

  3. I feel ya, Kate! Whenever I look back I know that God’s timing has always been perfect, but it didn’t feel that way in the moment! You come from a long line of impatient people! lol.
    Love you and I am proud of you and Jason!

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