Jason need’s a boy……

So today Jason took our 3-year-old daughter to her very first NASCAR race. Some friends of ours had gone on Sunday in Atlanta but it ended up getting rescheduled for today because of the weather. So they gave the tickets to Jason because they had to work. Jason was originally planning to take M but last-minute she decided she didn’t want to go, she wanted to stay home and play with GG. (My day to watch the girlies) R on the other hand was chompin at the bit to go on a new adventure with her daddy. Here are some pictures and a video Jason took.

Couple things I noticed:

1.) Jason’s photography skills are not nearly as good as mine….. need to work on that.

2.) I can’t figure out how between the house and the speedway she lost her bow, the cute jacket I had on her, and successfully messed up her hair. And of course, Jason was okay with all that. Dads…..

3.) They both are too stinking cute though right?!

Here’s just a little video, nothing special but you gotta love my little girls sweet smile. She had a blast though and I’ve caught her “pretending” to go to the race. She’s been getting in her flinstone car (with the new kitty) and they’ve been watching the race. I love hearing them play and pretend. So sweet!


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