Happy Birthday R!

R turned three years old today. My girls are getting so big so fast. I miss my babies. When M turned 4 I wrote a poem for her, but then my computer crashed and the poem disappeared. So I’ve decided from now on to write in a blog something special about them on their birthday. Here are some of the sweetest things I remember of R before turning 3.

Things R says:

  • Before bedtime, “When I’m done sleeping, can I eat pancakes and watch a movie down the stairs?”
  • R: “Look at all the goosedid!” Jason: “It’s actually geese. When there are more than 1 goose, you say geese.” R: “Look at all the Geesedids!”
  • Every morning R alerts me, “M’s awake!”

Movie titles by R, can you figure out what they really are?

  • Bapunzel
  • Deskipableme
  • Sound Mcnusic
  • BeggieTales

Place’s R enjoys going:

  • ChickNlay
  • ChuckNcheese
  • Plublix
  • The Pool
  • Anywhere you can pet puppies and kitties

R’s favorite food:

  • Cold turkey dogs…..even in the morning.
  • Cinnamon raisin English muffin
  • Chicken nuggets
  • Ramen Noodles
  • Anything that YOU are eating, when you are eating it.

Things I love about R:

  • You’re sweet smile and your willingness to always show it.
  • How you tilt your head for pictures, every time.
  • Your hugs and when you sweetly tell me with out prompting “I loves you mommy.”
  • Your sensitive spirit and your love for life.
  • How much you love your big sister.
  • How you eat your hot dogs, just like your daddy. Cold with no bun, skin first working your way to the middle. It’s gross to watch but I love it.
  • I love how you sing, ALL the time, and make up new lyrics to the tune of “Firework” or any song for that matter.

God has blessed me richly with sweet and beautiful daughters. I love you R and pray you will grow into a beautiful woman who serves and loves the Lord with all your heart and soul. Happy 3rd Birthday!

About to open presents from Graham Grans and Diane and Lu.

She has been wanting a baby to take to the pool and play with in the tub. Thank you Gran Diane and Aunt LuLu. 🙂

Now she can look just like “Bapunzel!” Thank you NeeNee and PawPaw!

Pretty birthday girl!




2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday R!

  1. Happy Birthday PeeWee! You are sweet & beautiful!
    PS- if you can do that interview again with her, Kate, without M in the background in her panties I could post it on FB. LOL.

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