A new park and swimming

So our cousins told us about this great new (to us) park and we went there yesterday. Jason and I played some disc golf (I know, we are too cool!) and the girls delightfully tagged along with us. Because Georgia has a little more to offer as far as natural landscaping and terrain, there are beautiful rolling hills, trees, rocks, and ponds all in one area. We had a lot of fun being out in the beautiful sunshine and walking up and down the hills. Quite a work out too! I definitely plan on going back there with my good camera and taking some family photos, but for now, here is what I took on my iPhone.

We also are enjoying are last few weeks at the pool. I don’t think I blogged about M recently learning how to swim. Last summer she took swim lessons but it was obvious that she was going to have to do it in her own time. This summer we just let her go to town with her floaties on. Enjoying being able to keep up with the big kids and not worrying about her learning how to swim with out them. Then one day a few weeks ago, she decided she wanted to practice with out them. You could tell she was determined. Her biggest fear to conquer with swimming was getting her face and head wet. It’s always been an issue even in the tub. It’s amazing I’ve kept her hair that long considering she has always hated having it washed. She started to build her strength up and was able to swim AND keep her head above water. But I think she figured out she was doing herself a disservice by insisting on not getting her head wet and within a few days she took the full plunge. Everything had to be her choice in her time but when she was ready she did it. And look at her now!

Yesterday she decided she was ready to jump in the pool. Even when she wore floaties she didn’t like jumping from the edge into the water. When she would, it was really a pathetic excuse for a jump haha. Here is a photo of her jumping in by herself without any coaching from any one. I wish I had video of us watching her while she scoped out the water and calculated exactly how she was going to make this jump. She is VERY careful with every decision she makes. I hope that characteristic sticks around through adulthood. 🙂

I’m so proud of her. It’s so cool when you see your children make progress in things you wondered if they’d ever come around to learning. Way to go! This is a perfect example of how sometimes as parents we have to sit back and let our kids achieve things in their own time.

R isn’t far behind. I’m sure next summer she’ll be swimming with the big kids. 🙂


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