Wrapping up visits and a very last minute birthday party :-)

We are coming to the end of summer and have had our last round of visitors. The last 3 weeks have been so much fun with everyone coming up from Florida to see us. And no offense to ma and pops or Linda and NeeNee BUT I have had the most fun with CJ and Jamie coming and all the kids. I think mostly because OF the kids and seeing how much fun THEY have had. Because let’s just get real, it’s a whole lot easier having grandparents come to visit than other people with children. When the grandparents come it’s more of a vacation for ME. 🙂 But we have so enjoyed Keith, Damien, and Riley and of course I was thrilled to spend some time with my sweet sister-in-law and brother. I just love my family and feel so blessed to have the kinds of relationships that I do with each member. 🙂

Ryann and Damien playing on the cupcake app.

Bathtime! Sorry Keith, you’re just a little too old for bathtime 😉

Jamie and I went down to the Marietta “Square” and window shopped.

SO back tracking, CJ and fam came in Thursday afternoon and we had already made plans to have some Georgia friends over Friday and play on the make shift, giant, visqueen, slip-n-slide. 🙂 But on Thursday evening Jamie and I decided that it was the best time to throw a birthday party celebrating Damien and Ryann’s 3rd year. Damien’s birthday was actually on Friday and Ryann’s is the 14th.

At 6:00pm Jamie and I went off to Party City, Dollar General, and Wal-mart to get all the supplies to throw this totally last minute shin dig. Nicole also supplied lots of left over party favors and we used whatever we could find around my house. To clue you in on just how last minute the birthday party was, no one we invited even knew we had turned it into a birthday party. Akwaarrrddd. hahaha But honestly, I’d rather do it that way because my kids do not need birthday presents (except maybe from Jason and I and the grandparents)  and even when you say “No birthday presents please” people STILL buy them. So it was actually more of me trying to be sly and not clue people in on the secret celebration they were attending. We just want your PRESENCE 😉

Here is how it all turned out.

We decided the cutest, easiest “cake” to do would be the ice-cream cone cupcakes. And then we made individual mini cakes for Damien and Ryann so we could personalize them. The cupcakes were super fun and SUPER easy.

As you can see we used funfetti cake mix and I used about an ice cream scoop full of batter and poured it into the cone. Then carefully set all the cones on a baking pan and stuck them right in the oven.

We did lose one cone that was already cracking before I even filled it with cup cake mix. But other then that the cones held up nicely. You bake them according to the normal cup cake directions on the box.

Once they were done and cooled I used Betty Crocker Cupcake Icing.

We decided it would be fun to leave the sprinkles off and let the kids add their toppings.

The table decorations came from all over. Table cloth was $1 at the Dollar Tree. And so was the Happy Birthday sign. As you can see I used the cool Paint Brush Flowers from Micaila and Georgias party and gotta have some M&M’s in clear vases 😉 I had some left over tissue paper and hopped on Youtube to find how to make the blue and yellow “flowers”. Nicole provided the ribbons and baskets and vuuwwaaalaa.

Props to the party planning committee 😉

And here is the cake that I made special for Ryann. I dyed the buttercream icing a little with yellow food coloring and then I used an idea Jamie had to cut out circles from some cookies to make the flower (since I’m terrible at drawing). I used Betty Crocker writing pens to color the flower and write Ryann’s name. And this year it not only turned out pretty cute but it tasted good too! It’s always better to set your standard low when making a cake because then you wont be disappointed 😉

Jamie did a terrific job on Damiens spider man cake. She’s much more talented than I in the baking department 😉

Here are some photos from the slip-n-slide fun.

Hattie and Riley 🙂

Riley trying out the jetski, lol.

Yummy watermelon, they actually were passing each others back and forth, haha!

The birthday boy getting a push from the birthday girl 🙂 so sweet.

Some of our guests…..

Aly’s little boy Jeremy

Aly’s hubster, Kyle and their daughter Jemma. 🙂 Love that little girl!

Aly and me 🙂

Micaila on the Monkey Bars!

Time to sing!

yeah we made a few extra cakes with their initials on them lol

You can never have too much cake on your birthday 😉


This was at like 10pm and I’m pretty sure it was her 3rd hahaha.

Her cute new bakers outfit from Aly and Kyle.

And that just about wraps up the party. Turned out to be quite a fantastic evening. Happy Birthday to our babies that are growing up so fast.

If you’d like to see more pictures from the party or hear it told from another perspective check out Jamie’s Blog 🙂


2 thoughts on “Wrapping up visits and a very last minute birthday party :-)

  1. Great looking party! Who needs all that prep time anyway? Yours & Jamie’s way was much better. You all look beautiful, healthy & having fun! Love the pictures….mind if I post some on FB????

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