Boots on the fuuurrr…. ball..

Do you own a large dog? Do you have flooring in your home that could potentially be ruined by your huge dog and it’s paws and nails? Let me introduce you to Dog Booties by Companion Road Collection.

Quite the model right? I WISH I had photos of Jason and I putting those bad boys on him. Envision this, me straddling Jake who weighs probably 130 lbs. I honestly felt at points that I was riding a BULL. “Down Jake, lay down!” Then Jason trying to put all 4 boots on…. one of the times I was annoyed he HAD 4 legs. Fortunately the memory won’t be all lost, we had M filming the whole thing on our video camera. I’m sure we’ll get motion sick watching that! 

Once we got the boots on it was hysterical watching him walk around in them. He looked like a pony…. you know how trained horses trot, lifting up their legs high for show. It seemed as if these ridiculous boots just might be his ticket inside…. but surprisingly the XL size appeared to be TOO big. So, we decided if we were serious about these boots they needed to fit right. Back to Petsmart we went to exchange them for a Large pair and strap them on Jake ALL over again. This time he knew what the boots meant and was excited to get them put on. A little too excited. Refer to initial visual 😉

The large did fit better.

Jake currently resides in the garage. So he is crate trained. However that doesn’t equal “house trained” and so of course, he ended up peeing all over the kitchen floor. Geeeez.  And I hadn’t even mentioned the sprints I had to take him on so he wouldn’t be 130 lbs of hyper activity in our home. All this so he can come inside….. not sure if it’s worth it.

Look at that face though…. he’s so happy 🙂


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