iPhone Dependency

I suddenly realized that I am a victim of smart phone dependency. Eek! Jason has been trying to jail break my iPhone and he had everything set up and tried to add a spiffy SMS program and then it all went kaplooey. So I was about to walk out the door (to visit a friend in the hospital in Atlanta) with my sweet new jailbroken phone and of course it wouldn’t turn on. Jason suggested that I just leave with his “normal” phone and I started having these anxious thoughts.

“But what if work calls me?”

“I NEED to be able to access my email.”

“How will I know where I am with out my google maps?! What if I get lost?!” (You can not go to Atlanta with out a gps!)

“Oh no! All my friends on Words will wonder where I am!”

“What if I want lunch and don’t have my app to shake and decided where to eat? What about my Chickfila app!”

“Your phone doesn’t have Pandora…”

Okay I know, I’m being A LOT dramatic here but I’m finding out that I like my phone more for the the things it does outside of calling people haha. And I’m highly dependent on it. So here I sit, refusing to leave the house with out it, waiting for Jason to restore it to it’s lame original settings……. for now. 🙂


2 thoughts on “iPhone Dependency

  1. Oh BOY am I a person who has had the anxiety attacks of having to go without my iPhone. I must say that I would have NEVER thought that I would see the day that we would be able to walk around with a MINI computer with a built in video game. I too play Words with friends and have recently added Hanging with friends and DEFINITELY think that I would have a hard time to not answer those for a day LOL…. I hope all is well with you guys.

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