NeeNee’s package

My mother-in-law is most definitely one of the sweetest ladies on the planet. The amount of love and generosity that she contains is almost unbelieveable. Our children will never be deprived of anything from that woman, haha. She is a blessing, no doubt.

Frequently we receive packages from Linda. She’s always buying the girls stuff. From clothes to candy and LOTS of shoes. On occassion she slips surprises for Jason and I in them, like Bama socks and tee shirts, our favorite! Yesterday I was so excited to see that brown box, with a big ol label on it addressed to “M and R Graham”. In it was a few outfits and this morning they sported the matching ones to church. I can’t even wait to take pictures of M’s Ralph Lauren blue pen stripe dress. Soon to come!

As you can see I’ve downloaded Picasa 3 and have been having lots of fun playing with the different editing tools it has. Don’t you love the bright fun flower print on those outfits? I want M’s dress in my size!


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