Summer Fun!

A lot has gone on the last few months and so far it has been a really fun summer. Back tracking to the weekend of the 4th of July. 🙂 As Jason and I both were preparing for Peach Tree we made a few trips out to a bike trail and Jason graciously pushed the girls in the double stroller while we ran. First of all let me share some of what annoys me about Jason. 😉 Jason has not run in about 6 months….. and back 6 months ago he only ran like TWICE. Prior to that I couldn’t tell you the last time the guy ran. Jason has been teasing me saying that he was going to beat my time at the Peach Tree. Of course I had to laugh b/c I’m in WAY better shape than him! I wasn’t at all concerned, I was confident, I knew he was gonna get out there and possibly pass out from heat exhaustion. Well I became a little worried when at 12 o’clock in the afternoon the Wednesday before we were to run he busts out with 6 and a 1/2 miles in an hour! It was like 100 degrees outside people! WTH! I’m not a fast runner, I’m more about distance, but I thought for sure I’d still be faster than him and here he is running less than 10 minute miles. Give me a break! So now I was determined and knew I HAD to pick up my pace. I’ve never beat him in anything but this is my sport not his. I had to win! Aahhhh loove 😉 When we ran together at the trail he obviously had a disadvantage pushing the stroller, but we ran quick and I felt great. I thought I might have a chance at crossing before him.

Saturday evening after we had a brisk 6 mile run with the girls we parked and were able to watch a pretty sweet fireworks show around the corner. The girls loved it and it was really pretty. Here they are sporting their patriotic shirts NeeNee bought them and being silly in the car. 🙂 Just pretend the red sauce on R’s face isn’t there. That’s what I did. 😉

Moving on to Sunday, the day before Peach Tree. After church we drove up to Big Canoe. We played in the pool alllllll day. I tell you this so you can better understand how unprepared I felt I was for the race. Of course it was worth it, we had fun!

Sweet pool babes 🙂

I didn’t get to drink enough water and I don’t do well sleeping away from home. Thank goodness for Ambien! We had to be up at 5:30 since the race was in Atlanta. Because the race is so huge they have Start Waves from A-W. I was lucky and was put in E based on my last half marathon time. Didn’t do me any good though b/c everyone was in U. I was not about to make them get up an hour earlier to get me to my start wave time and then also wait an hour for them to finish. So I started with the gang in U.

Nicole, Angela, and me 🙂

Scooter and Nicole

Start time was 8:45!!! It was HOT! It was HUMID! But I felt really awesome throughout the run. Jason and I were going to try to stay together but it was too difficult trying to weave through the crowds of walkers two at a time so we split. I got in my zone and listened to the sweet new play list Jay made me on my shuffle. Around mile 5.5 I see this handsome dude in Crimson Alabama shorts,…. “Oh you are not finishing before me!” I see, what I think has to be the finish line, gun it and run through, only to look down at my watch and realize I had .5 to go. Apparently is was where they take your picture! UGH! I was so out of gas and hot but so determined to not lose my pace and let Jason win. Watching my watch…. 5.9…. 6.0 Spot the REAL finish line….. See Jason….. trying to get out from behind some 75-year-old man, do not bog me down, come on people!!! Jason crosses just before I did. 😦 It was kind of a bummer I really had him,….. But I was thrilled to finish in under an hour. I was also dying of thirst and starving so all I could think about was water. (If you want a REAL good laugh check out marathonfoto and look me up, you’ll see a hilarious picture of me gasping for air like it’s my last breath! As much as I WANT to remember that, I’m not about to pay 40 dollars for the rights to download them!)

After the race, once we got into the car, I was overcome with an excruciating head ache. I was dehydrated and nauseous and just could not seem too replenish everything I had sweated out. It was a real drag….. I mean totally worth it but I was so irritated because I knew I hadn’t drunk enough water the night before. Even this could not cheer me up.

hahaha! I know it’s so gross but so good 😉

We went home and crashed big time. I slept the whole day but with no luck, I woke up and was still feeling pretty bad. If I didn’t know better I would have thought I mysteriously had a hang over! I was finally cheered up after talking with Nicole on the phone. AJC had posted the official times…….. I beat Jason by a TENTH of a second! K Graham 58:07 J Graham 58:08. Not quite as good a feeling as having him watch me cross from behind but it still feels good. 🙂

So that was our Peach Tree experience. Definitely will be a new 4th of July tradition.

 The next fun thing that was on our agenda is my best friend of going on 5 years now, Kaitlyn, had a wedding to go to here in Atlanta. So I knew I’d be getting to see her and spend some time during the day with her. The surprising exciting thing is her and her hubby decided to stay with US instead of where they were originally going to stay and so we got to basically spend the whole weekend together! So much fun. We absolutely LOVE having people come stay with us. I especially love when the girls get to be around and spend time with my friends and family. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to share with another person what life is like for us here in Georgia.

She’s off to the wedding and I’m ready for a hot date!

Really should take that garland down, it’s so out of season…..

Here’s my hot date. Really need to get a new iPhone for REALS!

This was actually last Sunday before church. Aunt Karen bought these outfits for the girls and they look so cute. I tried to match 🙂

Sprinklers and slip slide time, too hot to be outside and NOT be wet 🙂

I can’t even tell you how GOOD and SWEET this baby is. Our 3rd baby Graham has a lot to live up to. 😉


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