Praying and Waiting (1)

I’m going to keep the titles of these posts the same with a numeric. That way I have a clear and organized list of all the blogs on this specific matter.

First of all, isn’t it amazing how fervently we pray when we WANT something? I’ll be honest, as much as I would love to have a quiet time every single day, it doesn’t always happen. There are times when I have gone weeks without having a consistent quiet time. Lately, however, I have been very consistent in reading in God’s Word and praying. I realized this is part of God’s plan to bring me closer to him and his will and I have no doubt that he will allow me to wait as long as he feels it’s in my best interest. God is so cool like that 🙂

It’s really been amazing so far. When I first got my answer from God/Jason that “It’s definitely not happening now or soon…” I was so upset. But when I made the conscious decision to give it over to God I really and truly experienced relief and peace about the issue. I began praying over it and decided that each day I would pray about one specific aspect of the process to bring me to this very important “thing”. (I feel like I should come up with a name for it so I can quit saying thing!) Anyway, praying this way has opened my eyes to what all could happen, how long it will take, all who will be involved, and the various needs of each of those individuals. I truly believe we will one day follow through with this thing we want and that this waiting period is God’s way of preparing us for it.

(By the way I’m not praying for a new car lol)

Even though I am constantly reminded of how badly I am ready to pursue this “thing” I am also grateful for how this deep desire and waiting for it has ignited my prayer life. I not only have been able to devote time in prayer to “it” but also to so many other things that also need to be lifted to God in prayer.


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