Big Canoe

I so badly want to share with you about our little trip up to Big Canoe. The problem is I forgot my camera and have zero pictures, which to me kind of makes for a boring story. I mean for real, every one likes pictures when they read a story right??? So I figured I would atleast TRY to give you a mental picture by using some photos I found online. I know, lame. It’s the best I can do until we go back up there again.

So, let me just say that I recognize Jason and I are VERY fortunate people. We are surrounded by some very gracious family that generously share what God has given them with us. And we are VERY appreciative.

Jason’s Uncle owns a beautiful house in the mountains of Big Canoe. He and our cousins Scott and Nicole invited us to come spend Sunday and Monday to celebrate Memorial Day. I had only been to the house one time in the winter years ago and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Big Canoe is basically a BIG community in the mountains but it has a very resort type feel to it. They have a very popular golf course there, pools, lakes, paddle boats to ride, and a really SWEET rock slide. Sunday we sat on the “beach” in front of the lake and went back in forth between that and the pool with the kids.

You can see a liiiittle piece of the “beach” area just beyond the pool. A little piece of paradise 🙂

We also took a ride down that famous rock slide. And yes, we took M down it. Here’s a picture I found of the first part of the slide.

I had never been on anything like this. It’s so awesome because the rock is SOOOOO smoooooth. However it is SO SMOOTH that I could not control my body and I kept sliding around like crazy. It was A LOT faster than I expected. M kept begging to go and then backing out so of course, you know me, I just made her slide down it in my lap, (which you aren’t supposed to do, the lifeguard who allowed me shall remain nameless). She screamed the whole way. There are two parts to the slide. Above is the first half. You land in this small “pool” of water and then there is a 2nd steeper slide and another “pool” of water.

We decided NOT to make her go down the second slide. We tried to make her feel cool about going and told her she was “such a big girl!” and she’d reply “no I’m not, I didn’t like it” hahaha. But after awhile she did start bragging about going.

So everywhere you go you are surrounded by mountains and trees and wild life. We saw 7 deer Monday morning in Uncle Dougs yard. It was such a peaceful and beautiful setting. It really is just amazing how creative our God is. 🙂

Thanks to the following websites for helping with my “photo story” 🙂


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