The girls NEW bedroom

So, as I said in my last post, we decided to head in a different direction with the girls bedroom decor. In fact, we decided to move them to an entirely different room. We have had this one empty bedroom that we haven’t been sure what we should do with it. (Secretly I’ve been dreaming about baby number 3’s nursery 🙂 ) Jason has been really wanting a room upstairs to retreat to with a TV and couch and what not. Well it just so happens the girls bedroom would fit that purpose perfectly. Apparently Jason suggested this when we first moved in…… I don’t doubt he did. I just really wanted to make that bedroom an imagination station for the girls. This makes more sense though. We plan to keep all their toys in their little “nook” but then we will put a couch up there and basically make it another TV loft area. I know, as if we need another room centered on a TV.

So, once we agreed on switching their room we had to agree on a “design”. I showed Jason a few ideas and I told him HE could pick the color. We decided to go for more of the pink and brown look. We headed to home depot and he chose the Glidden color Gentle Fawn in eggshell finish. We decided to paint the top in Gentle Fawn and do the bottom in the Antique White to match the base boards. We also did chair rail and made boxes with moldings, all painted in the Behr Antique White Semi Gloss. It looks very clean and classy I must say. Jason did a fantastic job. I have to admit when the brown was going on the wall I was WoRRieD!!! But Jason did not disappoint me. Here are some pictures of it all done and put together. We still need some “wall art” which will come in time. For now it still looks superb 🙂 🙂 🙂

My Lamp really POPS in here a lot better 🙂

M’s bed

R’s bed

What’s great now too is THIS bedroom has a walk in closet 🙂 🙂 Way better for these girls with all their clothes. We actually ended up putting their chest of drawers in the closet as well.

I’ll post more pictures as we add new things. I found an adorable chandelier I plan to get in a few weeks after we save some moolah. I’ll also update you on the progress of the new upstairs entertainment room. It will probably be a few months considering we have to buy a couch, lol. I am also ecstatic that we’ll be able to use the coffee table I had bought for our Sea Holly house. I always liked that table 🙂


5 thoughts on “The girls NEW bedroom

  1. Wow, looks great! To think Jason could have done those boxes & chair rail at my house….:< boohoo! Why did he have to get so good when you guys moved to GA! Oh well, I'm glad he is so handy and carpentry minded!

    • it’s because it’s hiiiis house and he really takes pride in this specific house. I’m just soaking it all up. Ya knooooww….. if you move here I bet he’d do all this and MORE if you lived in the house down the street….. just a thought 🙂

  2. Okay!
    1. I totally love the room! I cannot believe what you guys- I mean he can accomplish in such a short amount of time!
    2. Whats up with that gorgeous lamp, does it still smell?
    3. Stop trying to steal your mom and dad from me 🙂
    4. Miss you!

    • The Lamp…..I think the more we have it on the less it smells. It’s like the heat from it is slowly burning off the stench. hahaha. I really have to be honest too, I went back and read through my post and let me just say that even though I put “we” Jason really did all the work. I started stressing so bad about the brown I couldn’t even handle putting it up. lol. Jason thinks it was all a scheme on my end so I wouldn’t have to do anything…….

      Eventually I will get ALLLLL my loved ones to come live here. Just give me a little time 🙂

      I miss you MORE!

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