Back at the homefront….

So we’re back at home and it feels so good. Well minus the screaming head ache I’ve had for the last 30 hours and counting and whatever stomach bug me and R have. Yes, we were so happy to get home yesterday evening and then all that glorious sleep I had caught up on, while staying in Florida, was quickly gone last night. R woke up around 3:00am and continued through the rest of the night dry heaving and puking mostly mucous. Little ones throwing up is one of the most heart breaking things to watch. She seems fine today with the exception of her diarrhea, nothing a few bananas can’t take care of. 😉 (Sorry for the TMI) It wasn’t long till I started feeling nauseous which was the last thing I wanted to add to my head ache. But hey this is life, and there are people out there that deal with things like this DAILY. So, I’m thankful for being generally a healthy person with healthy kids.

 Anywho, I HAVE to share a few of the random things going on now that we are back. While Jason was busy in the yard he ran across these little babies.

After some googling he figured out they are little baby bunnies. So sweet! We weren’t sure if the mommy would come back for them but after a few experiments we figured out she had. (Whew…. I wasn’t ready to mother baby rabbits) I just love the nature going on in our backyard though.

Also, while we were away, Jason built this desk for our office.

We’re going to paint and put up some window treatments, eventually, and I’ll update you once it’s complete. I know….. the arcade game has GOT to go….

And of course it didn’t take long for me to decide that I want to go in a different direction with the girls room. We’re thinking more of a neutral color on the walls accented with the “fun girly colors”. Well I say we but really it’s Jason that prefers the neutral colors. Sooooo, we’ll be painting in there within the next few days. 🙂 And when we do, I’ll update with photos. I have some ideas running that are simple and easy to do that I hope will make the room look really nice and clean. Which is definitely how Jason likes it. A lot of his life was spent in basically a “model home” and the decor was gorgeous so now he has that kind of taste. He calls it “mature”. 🙂 Apparently mature doesn’t involve pink or green walls. lol. What’s really gonna kill me is I KNOW it’s going to look really good b/c it never fails that Jason taste always looks better than mine haha. I guess in reality we just have the SAME taste and maybe I’m trying to rebel from it or something.

My trip to florida was very enjoyable. Of course I didn’t have enough time to see everyone. I never do. I need like 2 weeks down there. But I was able to celebrate my brother CJ’s birthday, which was actually the sole purpose of my visit. And of course Mother’s Day fell on this weekend too so that was perfect. I was so excited to be able to spend ample amounts of time with my family, especially my niece and nephews.

Me and D, I really love this photo.


my brothers, wouldn’t have had it any other way

CJ’s wife Jamie, my S-I-L 🙂

My dad’s parents 🙂

Jason’s dad with the girls at, where else, Carrabba’s, 🙂 my faaaaavorite restaurant!

Jason’s mommy and her mommy with the girls, Mother’s Day after church

And then let me just share some of the sweetest photos of ALL time 🙂

Reading with Popi 🙂 miss this!

Linda came by to see the girls after work and just happened to be wearing black and white as well!

Took these in our back yard weekend before last. They turned out really good, I was excited!

Best for last right 😉

Alright now it’s time to go sleep these aches away.


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