Not Perfect, but loved by Him regardless :)

Often I am just REALLY touched by music. I’ll hear a song and be like “That is SO me” and “I’m so glad God loves me for who I am and that I can’t hide from him and it doesn’t matter if I feel like a failure b/c he loves me no matter what.” and then I think “Sweet, let’s move on and live thankfully, glorifying Him in all you do! Geez, Katie.” 🙂  So anyway, when something hits me I like to share it b/c maybe it can touch you too. Two songs  I heard today listening to Pandora while cooking din-din, (stir fry 😉  ) Natalie Grant: Perfect People and Casting Crowns: Stained Glass Masquerade.  Check out the videos I found on youtube with the lyrics. 🙂 It always helps me to really GET the song when I read the lyrics while listening to it.

One thing I feel like my parents have really instilled in me was to be aware of having grace and mercy towards others. I get this concept b/c I know that I want to be accepted just as much as the next person. In the Casting Crowns song they say “Would the love of Jesus, Be enough to make you stay”. Something that I always have hoped I can exemplify is the love for others and accepting people where they are at. (Probably b/c I want others to do this for me) Isn’t it so hard to love people some times though?! We can be down right mean! (I speak for myself of course) But as Christians we are called to “love our enemies” and “pray for those who persecute us” (Matthew 5:44) and everything in between! Brotherly love, sisterly love, neighborly love, family, friends, the list goes on, love love love. I of course am NOT perfect and as much as I want to love people for who they are I can’t accomplish this apart from the power of the Holy Spirit and I’ve been trying to pray a lot on this topic of loving people.   

Geez, I did not intend to write that much, I was only going to post the links to the songs and went off on a rant. Oh well.

Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy. Give me the ability to love others the way you do. The way you love me. 🙂

Natalie Grant: Perfect People

Casting Crowns: Stained Glass Masquerade


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