Feed the birds……

I feel as if so many of my blogs end up reminding me of some Disney song. Remember Mary Poppins, “Feeeeeed the bird, tuppence a bag, tuppence, tuppence, tuppence, a baaaaag.” Such a classic movie. Anyway, yes it’s that time of year. Spring time. And the birds are constantly chirping outside our windows. Pine cones are falling off the trees left and right and they are nice and big and spread out. At Thanksgiving we tried doing a craft using a pine cone as the body of a Turkey. But there were hardly any pine cones and the ones we found had fallen pre maturely and did not have that “blossom” thing going on. They were all tightly wound haha. So it was nice to see some big blooming pine cones. We made the infamous bird feeder and as usual it was a hit with the girls. They each made their own coated with LOTS of peanut butter and bird seed and then they picked where they wanted to hang them. But R and I picked the best spot of all. Right outside the breakfast area, so hopefully we can watch the birds eat breakfast at the same time as us. 🙂

R’s bird feeder, right outside our window.

Jason hung M and G’s bird feeders in mid-air. Will be interesting to see a bird eat off of that! 🙂

Another nature experiment we’ve been trying is caterpillars for pets. We have caterpillars EVERYWHERE and the girls really like playing with them. So we put them in a little habitat/vase and figured we would see what happens to them. Maybe they’ll turn into butterflies!!

This was the big fat one. He’s going to be a “beautiful butterfly” (Bugs Life 🙂 )

Within a few days they both had cocoons already. I have no idea what I’m doing here. For all I know I could be just ruining their opportunity to become butterflies but I’m hoping this isn’t a really strategic process and nature can run its course in our little vase. :/ If not we wont ever remove a caterpillar from it’s natural habitat again. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Feed the birds……

  1. So cute. If I made a bird feeder I would put it right outside your sitting room and never leave…..
    Did you look on the internet to know which are the good caterpillar’s and which are the ones you don’t want to touch. LOL!

    • Lol no but I was worried at first and wouldn’t let them touch the “patapillars” as ryann calls them. It wasnt until someone else told me they were safe. No one has gotten bitten or sick so I imagine they are the good caterpillars. They’ll probably be boring butterflies haha.

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  2. What a great blog! Your kids are so lucky. We have kept many caterpillars with our granddaughters in a plastic terrarium we got at Target. Sometimes it’s a challenge to keep them supplied with their specific host plant.
    Love the photos!

  3. Here are photos of granddaughters releasing a butterfly and a story of the first one they raised. We are working on the butterfly garden today!

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