I don’t feel like it…..

I think that, (I don’t feel like it) every time I think of laundry. I HATE HATE HATE laundry. Yeah, think that’s excessive, well it’s the truth. And up until recently I just could never keep up. I always was waiting till I felt like it. Sometimes I’ll actually feel like cleaning. You know you get in that mood and just go to town cleaning every corner. Yeah that happens occasionally, but never have I ever felt like doing laundry. So I gave up on the notion that I ever would and decided to GET OVER IT and JUST DO IT.

The one major draw back to coming home from vacation is you REALLY don’t FEEL like it. You have been on hiatus for a week, lets keep that going right? So I have luggage FULL of laundry, not to mention the loads I left dirty before we hit the road and for whatever reason when the laundry backs up the rest of my house seems to follow suit. What the heck?! And that makes the fact that you are home that much more depressing. Yeah I can become depressed so easily. Annoying. But once again, I decided to move on and just throw a load in. And I also emptied all the garbages and it’s so funny, I feel so accomplished. I haven’t done anything but just knowing I have A load of laundry in and my trash cans are empty is so freeing haha. What a dork I am. But for anyone out there that’s like me, take my advice, just do it. Even if it feels small and like it’s not gonna make a difference, it will to you. Take out the garbage, throw some laundry in, by some grocerys, just do a little at a time and eventually, it will all get done. Well no not ALL it’ll never be ALL done but enough will be done. 🙂 And you’ll not feel so cranky.

Now it’s time to bath those children….check me out, I’m so ambitious 😉


One thought on “I don’t feel like it…..

  1. So true…it’s what Elisabeth Elliot said, “Just do the next thing.” I say, don’t over analyze, don’t anticipate….as it says in Titus 3:1- ” to be ready to do whatever is good…” when you have dirty clothes, doing laundry is good!
    Rock on!

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