Behind but at the beach :)

Guh, I feel like I have so much I wanna blog about. For one, I haven’t gotten to share what it was like to celebrate 5 years of marriage, I have some new things happening with my spiritual walk I want to tell you about AND I already have so much to share (mainly pictures) of our beach trip so far. But being that we are at the beach NOW I’ll just start there and go backwards. It’s more fun this way anyway b/c I have pictures of the girls and stuff.

So right now it’s 9:00, we just finished a late dinner. Jason made catfish, (which was REALLY good and cheap!) some steak bites and grilled veggies. Ugh, it was delish. R RIPPED up on the catfish and of course M chowed down on the steak. She really likes steak, always has. R likes anything that she thinks looks like chicken haha. But as I’m sitting here, listening to this great Kenny Chesney song, “Way Down Here”, M is watching Sleeping Beauty and R just snuggled up to Jason on the couch to watch too. It’s one of those moments that I feel so overwhelmed by God’s amazing grace and can’t for the life of me figure out why He has chosen to bless our family so much. I am so grateful for what He has given us. To top it all off we are at THE BEACH and get to go to bed knowing we’ll wake up and walk out on the sand, to the waves and sunshine. It’s the most wonderful feeling enjoying God’s magnificent creation.

I started the day with a nice run on some glorious FLAT ground. It was breezy and wonderful smelling the salty air. I can’t wait for tomorrow! I got out at 10am and realized I definitely need to get out earlier than that if I want to run more than a 5k. It got pretty stinkin hot and I’m not exactly used to the heat and humidity. Not running atleast, it’s been awhile since I’ve run in the heat.

We decided that since we have 5 more days here we would take today off from the intense sun on the beach and give our skin some time to recover. No reason we should try and leave with skin cancer right?? So we headed out to fish and throw the net a few times. We only caught itty bitty baby fish but it was fun for the girls.

And whats a trip with out crawfish. Oh my goodness, it was so goooooood. M is almost a pro too, she can’t get it out on her own but she definitely put some crawfish away.

We had a little nap time, got some swinging in and headed down to the pier before dinner.

Me and Jakey Boy, He loves the beach too! He’s excited for our run tomorrow and his first experience on the beach. I definitely plan on recording it b/c I’m pretty sure the waves are gonna freak him out at first lol.

R’s face cracks me up!

We got REALLY crazy too and had ice cream before dinner. Hey, it’s spring break. 🙂

It was a wonderful day and I just thank the Lord for this vacation. It’s a tremendous blessing. 🙂


One thought on “Behind but at the beach :)

  1. Ah, Kate, you definitely need to make a Shutterfly book of each beach trip. It would be so cool to look back at how the girls have grown and changed. Such wonderful memories!

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