I need to run…

So I haven’t blogged much about running. Probably because I got off my game in the midst of moving from Florida to Georgia and adjusting to weather changes. So I didn’t have much to write about on the subject. But since I gave birth to R nearly 3 years ago it has become something I really enjoy doing. I owe a lot of thanks to my girlfriend Erica who introduced me to running and got me doing my first events. Before she convinced me to sign up for my first EVER 5k I NEVER would have thought I could run. At that point I could barely make it around a 1/2 mile loop in our neighborhood. Yes it was sad but with Erica’s support and encouragement she helped me move beyond the difficulties and turned me into a runner like herself. I thought I was going to die on that Turkey Trot but I made it in somewhere around like 35 minutes (maybe even longer…) And after that Erica and I braved another 5k and a 1/2 marathon together within a 6 month span. This was the first sport I ever felt confident in and I really liked doing it.

I learned something about running that made me realize why I needed to do it. Not only was it good for me to get my heart rate up for a change but I realized it was an outlet for my anxiety. When I’m not running I find myself more anxious with those annoying chest pains. I’m more proned to feeling depressed and tired and unmotivated. But when I’m running I feel great physically, mentally and emotionally. It effects many areas of my life so positively that I believe I really need it to function, alongside my need for relationship and fellowship with Christ of course 😉

So about a month ago I decided to get my act together and get back into running. I’ve been following a training program and have an event picked out in October that I’m really looking forward to.

I would suggest that if you struggle with things like anxiety, stress, depression, ect. that becoming active in a sport like running might work for you too. And don’t be discouraged thinking you can’t do it, because I feel like I’m a prime example for someone who COULD NOT RUN. Of Course it did help that I had an amazing coach 😉 Erica definitely got me to places running I probably would have never realized had it not been for her.

Moving here has put me in a position where I don’t have the running buddies I had in FL. You can find groups like this one I found MomsRunThisTown and meet people who can help support and encourage you to your first or next event.

Just a little encouragement on that topic 😉


One thought on “I need to run…

  1. Uhm 🙂 I love you!! you are a natural born runner my darling!! I miss you so much!!! I wish you were doing iron girl with me!!! 😦 What event did you sign u for in October? Did I already say I miss you? 🙂

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