Chris and Kendra’s visit :)

Last weekend my brother and his wife came to visit with us for a few days. It was exciting to share our new home with them for the first time. We had a nice couple of days, the weather was beautiful, the guys played golf and Kendra and I got some shopping in with the girls. I actually even bought myself some clothes for the first time since we moved here. We played dominos at night and enjoyed catching up and cracking jokes. Kendra and I even got to have a pedicure together alone which was amazing. Haven’t had a pedi since Christmas. Yikes! You do not want to know what my feet looked like haha. We went to this place at The Avenues called Parisian. It was a really NICE place and when we first sat down in our swanky chairs I thought “Oh my goodness I did not even look at how expensive this is!!!” Fortunately they were VERY reasonably priced. It wasnt expensive at all in fact so I will definitely be returning there for my next pedicure in 6 months 😉 I need visitors more often so I can get a pedicure every once in a while. Whoooooo’s next?????

Anyway, back to our visit. I really enjoy watching the girls with family members. They call Kendra Aunt Chindra and I don’t plan on correcting them b/c I love it. Both Kendra and Chris are really good with my girls. They might think they should wait to have kids but I think they already would make fantastic parents.

I ❤ this photo. Such a perfect Uncle Niece picture ya know?

And M believe it or not took this picture of Chris and Kendra.

She also took this one of the four of us but was a little off haha.

Our sweet Domino trains. Chris using a horse, haha.

Before we left for Outback, alone. So fun 🙂

Clearly R likes taking pictures more than M haha.

All in all it was a pretty great weekend having those two love birds with us.


2 thoughts on “Chris and Kendra’s visit :)

  1. Those are great pictures and I love R’s shoulder lift technique! LOL. You all look great! I definitely will come up and sit with you for a pedicure in one of those sweet chairs!

  2. You have NO idea how badly I need a pedi!!! Ive been training so hard my feet look like Fred Flinstone’s! You both look gorgeous!! AAAANNND I LOVE how R poses in pictures!!!! She is so beautiful!! (just like her mommy) gorgeous family you have!

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