The Lovies

I’ve decided that I want to start putting on “paper” (or blog) the things the girls do daily that I think are funny, cute, even irritating. As a mother I like to think I will remember every thing they do and when they do it but honestly, I have a terrible memory. I wish I would have kept one of those baby journals where you write down the day they rolled over, crawled, walked, talked…. but I neglected too. And I swore I would remember those days but I don’t. I find myself trying to figure out when they did those things by looking at photos but even that doesn’t help too much. So before I regret having not written down any more memories I’m going to take action and just blog about it. I enjoy writing and blogging and it’s convenient and organized so it seems like a pretty good way to track things I don’t want to forget.

Now I know, and honestly don’t even care, that this may not be interesting to everyone. That’s not why I’m blogging about it here. This blog is somewhat like a journal for me. Feel free to skip over these if you don’t wanna read it, it doesn’t bother me. I certainly don’t think my life is so intriguing to the rest of the world that they would care to read this stuff. These blogs are for me and I imagine my parents will like them too. 🙂

One thing I want to start tracking is M’s favorite “lovies”. A lovie is something that a child hangs on to for comfort. Takes it everywhere, sleeps with it, and so forth. I always wanted my girls to get attached to a stuffed animal. R’s “lovie” is her Bama. Bama is a puppy dog that she built at build-a-bear.

He used to have a cute red sweater….not sure where that is. Anyway, R built Bama right before we moved to Georgia with a gift card our sitter Lauren (we miss you!) gave each of the girls. R takes Bama shopping, to the play ground, sleeps with him (or her), talks to him, plays with him like he’s alive, it’s pretty sweet. I definitely will remember Bama because R never changes who her lovie is. M on the other hand has never gotten attached to a single lovie for any length of time. She’ll hang on to something for no more than 2 weeks and then be attached to something else. And it’s not always a stuffed animal. One time she got a new pair of pink shoes and had to sleep in or with them every night for a week. She gets attached to books too. Right now her lovie is a little easter bunny care bear.

Before that it was this kitty cat my mom bought her that she named Basket.

Basket has definitely proved to be a favorite because she still goes back to him. Micaila brought Basket to the pound so she could find a cat that looks like him to bring home.

Basket will be one we definitely need to hang on too. She even bought Basket a friend… which she named Bella. Bella didn’t last long, (hmmm…. remind you of another Bella?? lol) I don’t even know where Bella is.

Then when we went shopping for that infamous Lamp in their room she HAD to have this ducky.

She spotted it while shopping and I told her if she was good the whole time we were there I’d get it. Well she was and would you know that I couldn’t for the life of me remember what ducky she wanted or where it was in this GIANT Antique place, but M knew EXACTLY where it was and lead me right too it. You really would have to see the Big Shanty to be impressed by that. Here are all her current favorite stuffed animals.

Lassie is the puppy she built at build-a-bear.

Other things I want to remember are the funny things the girls say or do. For example when they hide things. Last weekend when Chris and Kendra were in town we played dominos. Dominos comes with several different colored trains. The girls were fascinated by these trains and decided to hide them, my guess it was an attempt at keeping them forever. Well I can’t stand losing pieces to games so we were on the hunt to find the trains. When asking R and M where they hid them they gave us a few different spots. M eventually showed us one of her most special hiding spots that she hides very special things. In her blue chair it holds a cushion. M unzipped it and pulled the cushion out and went on to tell us that “Mommy’s very special ring was in there.” I said “What ring?” and again she informed me it was my special ring. Come to find that it WAS a special ring. My original setting and band packed full of diamonds is just chilling in her blue chair. I guess that’s a safe place but it’d probably be safer if I’d known about it lol.

oh how we love the things our children do……


One thought on “The Lovies

  1. Oh my gosh, too cute. I love hearing things the girls say and do! They are a riot! I’m glad you are writing them down, they will be sweet memories far too quickly!
    Love you- Kate!!

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