The Entertainment Center

So Jason really ran with the DIY projects. When I said he got the itch after M and R’s little Toy/Book Shelf I was totally not kidding. The next day he started on an entertainment center to go under our TV in the Family Room. In about 4 days and 160 dollars he built this.

To make it fun he did the custom wine rack and wine glass holders. And he took the lighting from a china cabinet that we have but never turn the lights on. Nice little touch huh?

I’m going to get some baskets (like what I saw in the PB magazine) and set them on some of the shelves.

And he customized two of the shelves for his Xbox and our DVD’s. Pretty spiffy.

So I realized that I didn’t go into much detail of how he did both these pieces for so cheap. The big secret is that he used MDF instead of real lumber. Wood is not cheap and can make it almost pointless to build your own furniture after the money AND time you spend. But the MDF is SUPER inexpensive. Basically he used the MDF for the body of both pieces and then he added the moldings and trim which make it hard to believe that the entire thing isn’t wood. The major draw back when using MDF is you can not stain it, it must be painted. For childrens furniture, using white or black is no biggie. But since this piece was going in our family room, where there is already existing wood furniture we had a little bit of a dilemna when picking a color. I orignially thought we could just go with the off white and it would match our base boards, crown, and fireplace. But Jason thought we should do black and it would blend with the TV. When we went to Home Depot we found this Espresso color and we both felt like it’d be perfect. We had it mixed up in the Eggshell finish and are very pleased. 🙂


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