5k and Soccer

Sunday was an incredibly busy day for the Graham Family. Jason had signed me up to run a 5k that his new job sponsors, thinking it would be on Saturday, well it ended up being on Sunday. Which wasn’t a really big deal. It was at 2 and we still were able to attend Sunday Worship. But it also was the day M was going to have her first soccer practice and game. So, right after church we head out to Atlanta for the race. It was the Hunger Walk/Run, to raise awareness and support for hunger and poverty relief locally and globally. It was a smaller event, but they had a lot of cool stuff for the kids. Bouncy’s, Slides, and we also got to meet Miss Taylor, from Kevin and Taylor in morning on 104.7 the Fish. Which is one of the Christian radio stations we have here in the ATL area. So that was “pretty cool”. (Guh, does anyone watch The Miley Show on SNL? lol) Anyway, we all had a blast and I happen to run it in my best time ever which was 26 minutes. Pretty coolsince I just got my booty back into running and I’m still not used to the hills here lol. Got to admit I DID think I was going to throw up after I crossed the finish line. haha. Yikes! Fortunately I didn’t.

M lookin ganstaaaa hahaha, yeah it was a little bright.

Got my shirt and thumbs up that its a small!

Me and R on the slide, pretty fun!

check out those sneaks 😉 lol

She won herself a hat!

And one for R!

Let the race begin!

That’s me waving with my hand in front of my face haha

Coming around the corner

Woo! Check out that stride.

Good times. Moving into M’s first soccer game. She did really great. A natural athlete like her father. Once she got her foot on the ball she was all over it. Scored some goals too. 😉

She has a little problem with listening to her coach… rebellious like her mother lol. We’ll need to work on those listening skills. She had so much fun though and didn’t want to leave the field. I’m kinda thrilled that she’s interested in this kind of sport versus dance or something. Dance makes me nervous these days.

Anyways, this weekend is going to be so much fun. My brother Chris and SIL Kendra are coming in town for the weekend. So… lots to do before they get here. 🙂 Catch ya on the flipside! 😉


4 thoughts on “5k and Soccer

  1. I decided to do the Iron Girl! Started training today! I have a lot of work ahead of me but I am excited! Wish you were running with meeeeeee!

    • I’m so proud of you Kelli! You are gonna do great. And I WISH I was there with you training and running it. Kinda makes me sad actually that I can’t be. One day we’ll run something together 🙂 You go girl, get that finishers medal!

    • Girl gotta have style right?? lol actually I JUST requested a new pair of sporty shades with a strap b/c mine are a little impractical at this point for not only running but tennis too. So I’m hoping Jay will come through soon with those. 😉

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